Next up is the CATT Wateree Summer Trail! Starts this coming weekend June 20 at Clearwater Cove Marina!

Even with the shortened Spring season we still paid out over $12,000.00 at the Wateree Spring Trail and the fishing has been pretty good! Jonathan Strickland & Dustin Compton made it 2 in a row weighing 5 bass at 18.15 lbs! They also weighed in the 2nd BF of the Final at 4.93 lbs and took home $2,703.00 in cash and an Academy Gift Card valued at $25! Great job guys!

Paul & Donald  Wells earned 2nd Place with 5 bass weighing 16.17 lbs and took home $1,000.00!

Tanner & Alan Fletcher finished 3rd with 16.11 lbs worth $500.00! They also won the Wateree Spring Points!

Michael Richardson weighed in the Lews BF at 5.50 lbs and took home $182.00 plus a Lews Baitcast Reel!

24 teamsFishWeightWinnings
Dustin Compton – Jonathan Strickland4.9318.15$2,703.00
Donald Wells – Paul Wells3.8516.17$1,000.00
Alan Fletcher – Tanner Fletcher4.2416.11$500.00
David Ethridge – Butch Williams4.6515.76$250.00
Gary Michaud4.5214.98$150.00
Michael Richardson5.5014.89$182.00
Donald Hinson – Carl Smith4.6914.69
Matt Nettles – RB Blackmon3.7314.63
Mike Ware4.2014.52
John George – Jason Quinn3.5213.94
Chad Rabon – Walt Almond3.6213.92
Tim Haven – Craig Haven2.9313.74
Chad Gainey – Jeffrey Furr3.0312.48
Jacob Norris3.0211.78
Greg Sigmon3.1111.32
Greg Nettles – Paul Wilkie2.5511.14
Max Price – Brent Neal0.0011.07
James Gibbons2.6611.02
Trent McLaughlin – Jeff Reynolds2.9210.45
Mike King – Mark Healon3.009.80
John Mitchell – Monroe2.369.61
Bubba Baker – Colden Baker2.799.48
Chris Sullivan0.008.97
Steve Phillips0.007.56
Scott  Floyd – Greg Corvin2.182.18
Darryl Watson – Ken McFarland0.000.00
Ron Catoe – Bo Simon0.000.00
Total Entrys$3,120.00
BONUS $$625.00
Wateree Spring Final Fund$1,040.00
Total Paid At Ramp Cash & Prizes$5,010.00
Total Paid Spring 2020 Lake Wateree$12,670.00



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