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We closed out the 2019 Old North CATT Trail this past Saturday on Jordan Lake with 27 teams shooting for the $5,000.00 1st place prize! Overall we had good participation this year! We actually paid back over $4,000.00 more over the course of the Old North than we did at the 2018 Old North! Thanks for fishing guys and we’ll have the 2020 Old North schedule posted soon! As I’ve posted over and over…CATT features the best payback in the Carolinas !

Josh Hook and Jaimie Fajardo claimed the top prize with 5 bass weighing up at 27.25 lbs! They collected $5,500.00 with the 1st BONUS added in! Keep in mind guys we ONLY had 27 boats enter! Big Payday with a small field!

Dennis Reedy & Tommy Marrow claimed 2nd with 26.01 lbs! With the 2nd BF at 7.12 lbs they took home $1,941.00!

Jamie Olive & Rich Z finished 3rd with 5 bass weighing 25.24 lbs and weighed in the 1st BF at 8.03 lbs! They earned $939.00!

Jonathan Holloway & Brian West took 4th with 25.02 lbs!

Chad Craven & Ben Cannon took 5th with 23.88 lbs!

27 TeamsBFWeightWinnings
Josh Hooks / Jaimie Fajardo5.9227.25$5,500.00
Dennis Reedy / Tommy Marrow7.1226.01$1,941.00
Jamie Olive / Rich Z8.0325.24$939.00
Jonathan Holloway / Brian West5.3325.02$300.00
Chad Craven / Ben Cannon6.0323.88$200.00
Tod Staker / Scott Woodson5.3222.74
Todd Sumner / Chuck Bolton5.2522.72
Billy Bledsoe / Brian McDonald5.7922.19
Clay Ausley / Ken McNeil6.7722.00
Rick Dunstan / Josh Huff6.1621.59
Tom & Jim Saywell5.3921.56
Terry Amen / Chuck Darden6.3820.55
Richard & Hunter Petty5.1620.53
John McClland / Eric Schell4.6318.84
Evan Flemming / Matt Fuhr4.1516.77
Alex & Richard Lower6.2616.37
Kyle Rohmor / Tim Cantwell4.2316.00
Tony & Chase Stanley3.8015.76
Johnny Wilder / Mike Harris4.9415.00
Mark & Jordan Young0.0010.50
Jeff Brown / Ron Johnson0.000.00
Johnny & William Howard0.000.00
Stump Bledsoe / Glenn Elliott0.000.00
Jeff Shaw / James Richardson0.000.00
Dennis & Keith Allen0.000.00
Tony Woodward / Scott Smith0.000.00
Paul Worthington / Justin Hendrix0.000.00
Total Entrys$4,320.00
BONUS $$1,000.00
2018 Old North Spring Final Fund$3,560.00
Total Paid At Ramp$8,880.00
Total Paid 2018 Spring Old North$43,405.00


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