Tournament Results Lake Gaston, NC Sept 21, 2019 Chuck Murray & Randy Groves Take 1st Place 16.79 lbs! $1,453.00! JT Palimore & Bobby Crisman Win the Gaston Points!

Next up on Lake Gaston is the 2019 Gaston Fianl Nov 2 & 3 out of Summitt Landing!

JT Palimore & Bobby Crisman win the Gaston Points and will fish the 2020 Gaston Qualifiers free!

Chuck Murray & Randy Groves brought in 5 bass at 16.79 lbs good enough for the win and $1,4353.00!

Todd Smith & Eric Schell 2nd with 16.46 lbs!

3rd Mark Roberson & Keith Joyce with 14.41 lbs!

4th Evan White & Shane Doughtie 14.12 lbs!

Ryan & Carter Harrell with some good ones!

19 TeamsBFWeightWinningsPoints
Chuck Murray- Randy Groves4.9916.79$1,453.00110
Eric Schell- Todd Smith4.3816.46$630.00109
Mark Roberson- Keith Joyce4.5714.41$247.00108
Shane Doughtie- Evan White0.0014.12$220.00107
Ryan Harrell- Carter Harrell3.8914.05106
Ivan Morris- Janet Morris4.3913.49105
Spencer Barrows- Robert Perkins0.0013.34104
Adam Richardson- Gene Richardson0.0012.95103
Michael Gardner- Ryan Brown0.0012.45102
JT Palmore – Bobby Crisman0.0010.55101
John Caldwell- Robbie Thompson0.0010.47100
Wesley Bennett- Chris Bishop0.008.9599
Scott Golden- Jessie Medlin0.008.2298
Michael Hobbs- Robbie Butler0.007.4097
Greg Kropp- Dave Fowler0.000.0096
Brock Rouse0.000.0096
Larry Gunn- Hal Caldwell0.000.0096
Ricky Todd- Mike Barfield(sub)0.000.0096
Billy Patrick – Allen Mitchell0.000.0096
Total Entrys$2,160.00
BONUS $$600.00
Total Paid At Ramp$2,550.00
Gaston 2019 Final Fund$210.00
2019 CATT Championship Fund$0.00
2019 Gaston Spring Final Fund Total$1,735.00
2020 CATT Championships Fund Total$405.00


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