We had a great year on the Cooper River! Total payback for the Spring & Fall Cooper River Trails was over $24,000.00! Add in the Cooper River Phantom Outdoors Invitational and all total CATT paid back over $43,000.00 on the Cooper River in 2021! Thanks to Ferric Jennings for all his hard work!

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Justin Harvey & Jonathan Brindle weighed in 5 bass at 15.54 lbs taking 1st lace and $1,825.00! Congrats guys!

Justin Harvey Jonathan Brindle0.0015.54$1,825.00
Corey Casey5.6315.43$1,047.00
Randy Gibson Bubba Dennis0.0011.70$500.00
Clay Kolb Jeffrey Peralta5.4011.51$263.00
John Campbell0.009.92
Michael Ard Jeff Parsons0.009.32
Cody Wilson John Corriveau0.008.43
James Fender Kyle Welch0.007.92
Brian Surowiec Walter Cumbee0.007.89
Will Smith Bill Holmes0.007.85
Casey Leach Charlene Leach0.007.84
Matt Baker Charlie Baker0.007.83
James Skelton0.007.79
Andy Rutledge0.006.64
Ron Sonya Terwilliger0.006.52
Glenn Varner Edwin Varner0.006.01
David Driggers0.005.38
David Murdaugh Sr.0.005.23
Chance Powell Layne Powell0.005.19
Darrel Knies0.003.68
Carlos Canales Willie Weatherford0.002.03
Total Entrys$2,400.00
Cooper River Fall Final Fund$630.00
Total Paid At Ramp$3,635.00
Total Paid Fall Cooper River$11,205.00
Grand Total Paid 2021 Cooper River$24,595.00


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