This will be an annual event! Next CATT Murray Black Friday Open will be Nov 25, 2022 at Dreher Island State Park!

Justin Harvey wins Murray with 5 bass weighing 17.82 lbs! Justin also weighed in the 1st BF at 6.49 lbs and took home $1,475.00!

David Farr & Pat Whaley 3rd with 15.65 lbs!

Terry Morris with the 2nd BF at 5.66 lbs!

Justin Harvey6.4917.82$1,475.00
Tyson Alvanos – Hampton Anderson5.5816.16$400.00
Pat Whaley – David Farr5.0315.65$300.00
Kevin Banks – Dylan Sills5.2415.42$150.00
Wendell Causey – Brandon Jeffcoat4.7215.39$110.00
Bobby Martin – Terry Morris5.6614.96$75.00
Scott Farmer – CJ Freeman4.3614.72
Chris Epting – Johnny Mayer2.7913.27
Andy Lake – Phillip Anderson3.3412.82
Jason Resi – Roger McKee3.5312.04
Chris Gramling3.4411.98
Jody Wright – Chris Marshall3.5511.89
Hunter Enlow – Elton Barnett3.1411.34
Gibson Huntley – Todd Huntley2.5511.19
Darryl Starkey – Garrett Starkey3.2410.81
Roger Gosnell – Chad Powell0.0010.31
Rob Burris0.008.27
Edgar Allewine0.001.44
Zach Douglas – Matthew Hodge0.000.00
Joe Quinn – Jeremy Medlock0.000.00
Wayne Wilson0.000.00
Jody Jones – Jeff Bush0.000.00
John Jeffcoat – Neal Chaffins0.000.00
Bernie Dreher – CB Dreher0.000.00
Daniel Howell0.000.00


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