Saturday’s Cooper River Spring Final concluded our 2022 Spring Trail on the Cooper River and what a trail is was! We had record setting number and ended up with a record 41 teams entering the Spring Final! When the last check was handed it out we had paid back $17,525.00! Thanks for fishing and thank you Ferris Jennings for putting on the show!

Justin & Michael Craven win the 2022 Cooper River Spring Final with 5 bass weighing a Whopping 24 lbs even! Kick in the $850.00 side pot and they took home $2,850.00!

Justin & Michael with their Phantom Invitational Hardware from earlier this Spring!

Randall & Ryan Drew finished 2nd with 5 bass weighing 19.23 lbs and they also weighed in the Academy BF at 6.99 lbs! They collected $1,2870.00 and a $25 Academy Gift Card!

Greg Benton & Dean Logan 3rd with 16.55 lbs!

4th went to Will Thompson with 15.02 lbs!

JW Smith & Ben Nye 5th with 14.47 lbs!

Scott Perrine & Greg Walker took 6th with 14.39 lbs!

7th went to Joel & Cooper Hopkins with 13.63 lbs!

Matt & Andrew Baker 8th with 13.60 lbs!

2nd BF James Skelton 6.06 lbs!

Cooper River Spring Point Champs! Jonathan Brindel-Justin Harvey

BF for the Spring Trail at 11.71 lbs! Randy Gibson!

Michael Craven Justin Craven0.0024.00$2,850.00
Randall Drew Ryan Drew6.9919.23$1,287.00
Greg Benton – Dean Logan0.0016.55$550.00
Will Thompson0.0015.02$400.00
Ben Nye J.W. Smith0.0014.47$350.00
Scott Perrine Greg Walker0.0014.39$300.00
Cooper Hopkins – Joel Hopkins0.0013.63$250.00
Matt Baker Andrew Baker0.0013.60$200.00
Travis Osborn Chris Hall0.0013.40
Todd Thompson – Jimmy King0.0013.39
James Skelton6.0613.21$123.00
Todd Peters Jeff Shelton0.0012.97
Wendell Lampkin – Jayden Lampkin0.0012.91
Dwayne Reine – Adrain Johnson0.0012.81
Travis Gatlin Grant Powell0.0012.65
Michael Ard Jeff Parson0.0012.73
Cody Wilson – Brant Schuyler0.0012.59
Bob Letizi Derrick Nixon0.0011.91
Mark Johnson Gary Pope0.0011.32
Winky Watford Scotty Mixon0.0011.26
David Driggers0.0011.08
Randy Gibson Jermey Hernedez0.0011.07
James Fender Kyle Welch0.0010.86
Chris Peirano – Jesse Stanley0.0010.75
Chris Blanchette – Bill Foster0.0010.51
Chance Powell Lane Powell0.009.55
Gavin Miles0.009.28
Justin Harvey Jonathan Brindel0.008.70
Ervin Garner Glenn Garner0.008.63
John Campbell – Jared Boles0.008.07
Brian Surweic – Walter Cumbee0.008.05
Michael DiBello Edward Punchak0.007.99
Jimmy Bihlear0.007.95
Paul Gaskins0.007.76
Dale Hanna Shawn Hanna0.007.04
Darrel Knies0.005.24
Johnny Watkins Aaron Watkins0.004.57
Willie Weatherford Wyatt Weatherford0.004.14
Landy Filyaw Jr0.000.00
Fred Cruise – Sam Cruise0.000.00
Jeffrey Peralta Clay Kolb0.000.00
Total Entrys$4,800.00
BONUS $$850.00
Cooper River Spring Final Fund$660.00
Total Paid At Ramp$6,310.00
Total Paid Spring 2022 Cooper River$17,525.00



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