Justis Bobbitt & Cullen Ports Win CATT Kerr Lake, VA March 31,2019


Next and last Kerr 2019 Spring Qualifier is April 14th at Occonnechee State Park! 

Go to the top of the CATT Hompage and click on ‘Divisions” for info on the 2019 CATT Academy Sports Championship on Kerr June 1-2! $10,000 1st Place but it can be much more!

**Also the Carolinas Bass Challenge is coming to Kerr May 4th! $8,000/$10,000 1st Place! If you enter the CBC May 4th it will count as 1 of your qualifiers to enter the 2019 CATT Championship in June!

Click on the Carolinas Bass Challenge logo for more info!

We had a fantastic crowd this past weekend on Kerr! 57 teams launched from Occoneechee competing for a total of $7,815.00! Thanks for the support and thanks to Trip Emerson for running a great tournament trail!

Cullen Ports & Justis Bobbitt weighed in 18.18 lbs and took 1st Place worth $1,900.00! Add in the 1st place BONUS which was another $750.00 and they took home $2,650.00!

Trey Nichols & Mike Carden claimed 2nd with 17.44 lbs and earned $1,000.00 plus the 2nd BONUS at $565.00 for a total of $1,565.00!

Randy & Jimmy Taylor earned $910.00 with the 3rd BONUS added in with a weight of 17.21 lbs

Kerr Mar 31, 2019
57 TeamsFishWeightWinningsPoints
Justis Bobbitt-Cullen Ports3.9218.18$2,650.00110
Mike Carden-Trey  Nichols4.4417.44$1,565.00109
Randy Taylor-Jimmy Taylor5.0417.21$910.00108
Thomas Tarrell- Tim Thurman  2nd BF5.2315.94$721.00107
Bryan Welch-Tyler Purcell4.1615.49$400.00106
Ross Oliver – Brad Cook3.5315.44$300.00105
Mike Nichols-Mike Nichols3.6114.38$235.00104
Paul Smith – Jason Lloyd3.7714.19$190.00103
Mike Birr- Joe Trinko4.2614.09$175.00102
Cole Blythe – Steve Blythe  1st BF5.3014.02$544.00101
James Condrey – Jimmy Condrey3.5514.00$125.00100
Sam Terry – Jacob Lee3.6713.9999
Curtis Talbott-Johnny Woodie3.6013.7398
Mike Perkins – John James4.1913.6497
Randy Carr – Mike Eggers4.3213.5496
Calvin Young – Rob Wells3.4513.3395
Donnie Avant – Randy Waterman3.1313.2894
Carl Enos –  Derek Moyer3.8513.2693
Dennis Reedy – Tommy Marrow4.7813.0892
Walt Bowen – Mark Jackson0.0012.7891
Justin Rue – Roger Cleary0.0012.5290
Aaron Falwell – Steven Coleman3.5712.1789
David Owens  – Danny Houchins4.5112.0488
Ron Linebach – Chris Barnes3.0412.0387
Steve Miller -Scott Mathews2.8912.0386
Richard Owen – Austin Minton3.1211.9985
Reggie Norfleet – Charles Gunter4.1711.7784
Kenny Reynolds – Ryan Reynolds2.9711.7083
Craig Wright – Mickey Bergeron4.6711.4382
Jenkins- Jason Kopp0.0010.9981
Tony Toombs- David Jones0.0010.6780
Robert Bristow-Adam Haithcock0.0010.5379
Jason Suggs0.0010.3878
William Hubbard – Chase Cooper0.0010.3777
Dennis Duncan – Mark Merretts3.6710.3476
Ernest Howell – Elayja Howell0.0010.1375
Frank Bowers – Mike Franklin2.3610.1274
Allen White – Mike Vaughn0.009.5573
Kevin Cheatham – Johnny Wilder0.009.5573
Matt Norris – Alex King4.269.4971
Dana Moore – Mike White3.769.4570
Jimmy  Henderson-David Bullock4.369.1869
Jonathan Jones – Brycen Peed0.008.0668
Marty Warren – Michael Chlomoudus0.007.7967
David Enos – Brent Enos0.006.9166
Hal Blackwelder-Cliff Swann0.006.8765
Ben Dalton – Collins Bennett0.006.7964
Jay Fogleman – Tate Fogleman0.005.9563
Darrick Bowden – Matt Little0.003.4062
Joe Freet – Josh Wood0.000.0061
Glenn Long – Vernon Fleming0.000.0061
Sean Lewis – Kevin Kane0.000.0061
Tony Miliam – Johnathan Miliam0.000.0061
Monte Alemon – Kevin Alemon0.000.0061
Tyler Calloway- Zach Frank0.000.0061
Larry Inman – Garth Joyce0.000.0061
David Frey – Bubba Haywood0.000.0061
Total Entrys$6,840.00
BONUS $$1,600.00
Total Paid At Ramp$7,815.00
Kerr 2019 Spring Final Fund$505.00
2019 CATT Championship Fund$90.00
2019 Kerr Spring Final Fund Total$1,425.00
2019 CATT Championship Fund Total$4,580.00


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