Tournament Results Wateree Open Nov 10, 2018 Freezon & White Smack Em! 22.37 lbs!

We’re almost done with the 2018 Wateree Opens with only the 2018 Wateree Open Final to go which is November 24th! To be eligible to enter the Wateree Open Final a team had to enter at least 6 Wateree Opens…if you entered 10 Opens you fish the Wateree Open Final FREE! Looks like we have 17 teams eligible to enter with $4,215.00 waiting in the Wateree Open Final Fund! PLUS we will award plaques and Lews Products! Also 2 Academy Gift Cards valued at $25 each!


The top 6 teams in the Wateree Open Points also will earn some extra $$ awards! Alan Fletcher & Donald Hinson will receive free entry for the entire 2019 Wateree Open Season! $2,100.00 VALUE!

1Alan Fletcher – Donald HinsonFree Entry 2019
2Jeff Furr – Todd Butler$500
3Craig Haven – Tim Haven$300
4Jason Bateman – Steve Phillips$200
5David F Canupp & David L Canupp$150
6Brad Petway & Brett Collins$100

2019 Wateree Open Schedule is posted under Divisions!

Kareem White (pictured) and Jerry Freezon weighed in the heaviest 5 bass limit of the Fall season weighing in at 22.37 lbs!

Capt. Donald Hinson & Alan Fletcher were 2nd with 16.95 lbs!

Scott Williams with the 2nd BF at 5.39 lbs!

13 TeamsBigTotalTotal
Jerry Freezon – Kareem White6.2722.37$711.00220
Donald Hinson – Alan Fletcher4.0516.95$225.00218
David Ethridge – Butch Williams4.6013.77216
John Paul George – Jason Quinn3.6013.40214
Scott Williams – Robbie English5.3912.86$39.00212
David F Canupp – David L Canupp3.5312.51210
Barry Brown – Stevie Walker0.0010.15208
Craig Haven – Tim Haven4.739.59206
Brad Petway – Brett Collins **2.919.58204
Mack Kitchens – Todd Butler3.858.96202
Steve Phillips – Jason Bateman0.000.00200
Greg Corvin – Scott Floyd0.000.00200
Chad Sims – Zack Catoe0.000.00200
2018 Wateree Open Final Fund$310.00
2018 Wateree Open Final Fund Total$4,215.00
2018 Wateree Open Point Fund$1,250.00
**2017 Point Winners Free Entry
2018 Pt Winners Receive Free Entry 2019
Teams 2-6 In Points Receive $$


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