Next Savannah River CATT Qualifier is August 20 at Stokes Bluff!

New for this Fall we are going to award Point Money plus Free entry to the Final! We will hold back up to $50 at each Qualifier that will go to the Point Winners! For example, we have 4 Savannah River Qualifiers this Fall so the Savannah River Fall Point winners will receive $200 Plus free entry at the Final!

1st Place Ken Morgan and Richard Boatright with 16.16 lbs. worth $946.00!

2nd Place Chris Chavis and Nick Hager with 10.85 lbs.
3rd Place was Tim Roundtree and Al Pittman with 9.96 lbs.
Big fish was 6.50Lbs caught by Garrett Brown and Winston Tomlinson.

Excellent job on a tough day of fishing!!

Ken Morgan/Richard Boatright4.9316.16$946.00110
Christopher Chavis/Nick Hager0.0010.85$210.00109
Tim Roundtree/Al Pittman0.009.96$100.00108
Joseph Garnto/Patrick Findley0.009.34107
Aaron Soucy/Mitch Pare0.009.21106
Garrett Brown/Winston Tomlinson 6.508.87$119.00105
Tony Cook/Carl Rogers0.008.84104
Ray Kessler/Scott Nobles0.007.82103
Hunter McCall0.007.72102
Wesley Mullins/Matt Cantrell0.007.36101
Joe Toth/Sawyer Hunt0.007.02100
Justin Purnell/Paul Johnson0.005.3799
Josh Hutto/Kyle Scott0.000.0089
Skeeter Crosby0.000.0089
Michael Hurt0.000.0089
Robert Wood0.000.0089
Alston Long/Shawn Connelly0.000.0089
Total Entrys$1,360.00
BONUS $$400.00
Total Paid At Ramp$1,375.00
Savannah River 2022 Fall Final Fund$250.00
2023 CATT Championship Fund$35.00
Savannah River Point Champs$50.00
2022 Savannah River Fall Final Fund$250.00