Dennie Gilbert
Kerr lake
Largemouth Bass update:
October on Kerr Lake and the bass fishing is getting tougher and tougher. Fish are scattered in the creeks and main channels because the lake is turning over in sections. It causes low oxygen and the bait fish and bass move looking for better conditions. There are still some schooling, but the fish are getting smaller. Look for poppers, whopper Plopper and buzz baits to start working better. Bass should begin to move to stumps, rocks and brush piles as the water starts to cool. Baits to try will be worms, drop shot and jigs and deep Crankbaits from 15 to 30 feet Shallow baits could be jigs, swim baits and shallow Crankbait Cover a lot of water this month because bass can be from surface to 30 feet Good luck and hope to see you on the water Kerr lake Dennie


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