Tournament Results Yadkin Badin Lake, NC Oct 6, 2019 Kevin & Alan Chandler Weighed in 5 Good Ones 18.82 lbs 1st place & 1st BF With a 6.24 lb Hawg! $1,018.00!

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The Yadkin CATT Fall Series continues to be strong with 24 teams entering this past weekend! Next Yadkin CATT Fall Qualifier is back at Badin Lake Oct 19th launching from Circle Drive!

Kevin & Alan Chandler weighed in 5 good ones at 18.82 lbs taking 1st place and the 1st BF prize with a 6.24 lb Hawg! All total they collected $1,018.00!

2nd went to Todd Haynes & Jeremy Talbert 18.47 lbs!

3rd Chris Brown & Wayne Ingram 15.69 lbs!

Matt Stanley & Jason Haithcock received a $50 Wacky Riggers Gift Certificate!

24 TeamsBFWeightWinningsPoints
Kevin Chandler & Alan Chandler6.2418.82$1,018.00110
Jeremy Talbert & Tod Haynes5.3418.47$522.00109
Wayne Ingram & Chris Brown0.0015.69$250.00108
Mike Kiser – David Cheek0.0014.57$120.00107
Matt Stanley – Jason Haithcock4.5514.39106
Robin Collins – Ronnie White0.0013.39105
Randy Weddington & Ronnie Smith0.0013.23104
Ron Wolfarth – Larry Inman5.4612.76103
Matt McBee – Charlie Brock3.7312.64102
Cameron Andrews – Connor Usher0.0012.36101
Andy Nix – James Wall0.0011.81100
Jason Thomas – Rodney Thomas0.0011.3299
Tim Skeen & Darryl Crumbly0.0011.2998
Herby Young – George Lambeth0.0010.8497
Derek Crumbley – Calvin McCaskills0.0010.7896
Dwayne Hughes – Stan Gobbel0.0010.7395
Orlando Giles & Mike Ray0.008.8794
Jerry Bono & Marty Williams4.318.7093
Terry James & Robbie Burr4.375.5892
Scott Henley & Austin Wike0.003.1091
John Kistler & Ritchie Melton0.000.0090
Duke Dennison & Bobby Cline0.000.0090
Jerry Davis – Tony Tysinger0.000.0090
Todd Barbie – Joe Swaim0.000.0090
Total Entrys$1,920.00
BONUS $$500.00
Total Paid At Ramp$1,910.00
2020 CATT Championship/Phantom Fund$430.00
2019 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2019 Yadkin Fall Final Fund Total$1,320.00
2020 CATT Championship/Phantom Fund Total$785.00


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