Kyle Welch & John Campbell took 1st Place at the Cooper River Qualifier Saturday out of Cypress Landing! They brought in 5 bass weighing 24.50 lbs and the BF at 7.32 lbs. They took home $1,100.00 with the BONUS added in!

John & Kyle

2nd went to Travis Gatlin & Grant Powell with 5 bass weighing 21.33 lbs.

Travis & Grant

Next Cooper River CATT is March 10th at Cypress Gardens! We’re looking to get close to 40 so come on out and join us!

1Kyle Welch/John Campbell  BF & BONUS $7.3224.50$1,100.00110
2Travis Gatlin/Grant Powell6.6521.33$260.00109
3Johnny Brinson/James White6.1517.71$150.00108
4Will Thompson5.5616.59$110.00107
5Jeremy Hewitt/Bill Lawshe0.0015.82$90.00106
6James Robison/William Gregory0.0015.50105
7Matt Baker/Andrew Baker0.0014.81104
8Greg Benton/Logan Benton0.0014.58103
9Brett Fields/Randal Drew0.0014.26102
10Kevin Powell/Jimmy McCants0.0013.10101
11Corey Casey0.0012.94100
12Dylan McConnell/Dave McConnell0.0012.6499
13Randy Gibson/Bubba Dennis0.0012.5598
14Robbie Powell/Josh Timmons0.0010.4697
15Leah Bowzard/Allen Bowzard0.0010.2696
16Joe Giampa/Gene Youngs0.0010.1595
17Anthony Galloway/Ken Anderson0.0010.0094
18Dale Lovelace0.009.4993
19Joe Hutchinson/Elvis Black0.009.4392
20Johnathan Singletary/Anthony Amerson0.008.6691
21Heath Hunter/Bruce Wheeler0.008.2290
22David Kelly/Kenny Clark0.007.8689
23Wesley Ragland/Chandler Ackermann0.007.7288
24Cody Carter/William Minus0.007.5787
25Kyle Howard/Josh Wilson0.002.5386
26Winston Martin/Neil Martin0.001.4185
27Tyler Black/Alex Altman0.000.0084
28Huner Hackworth/Brent Shuler0.000.0084
Total Entrys  $1,400.00
BONUS $  $460.00
Total Paid At Ramp  $1,710.00
Cooper River 2018 Spring Final Fund  $150.00
2018 CATT Championship Fund  0.00
Cooper River 2018 Spring Final Fund Total  $150.00
2018 CATT Championship Fund  $2,725.00


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