Lee Morris & Robert Ross win CATT Wateree May 25,2019 with 20.69 lbs

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Next Wateree CATT is June 1st at Clearwater Cove Marina!

Lee Morris & Robert Ross win Wateree with 20.69 lbs!

2nd Jason Quinn & John Paul George! 19.28 lbs 1st BF 5.43 lbs!

3rd Chad Rabon & Walt Almond 18.97 lbs!

4th Matt Ross & Bobby Purvis 17.94 lbs!

5th Paul & Donald Wells 17.09 lbs!

2nd BF Marcus Leech & Tim Chapman 5.02 lbs!

Wateree May 25, 2019
Summer Qualifier #1
15 TeamsFishWeightWinningsPoints
Lee Morris – Robert Ross4.8120.69$800.00110
Jason Quinn – John Paul George5.4019.29$305.00109
Chad Rabon – Walt Almond4.7518.97$100.00108
Bobby Purvis – Matt Ross4.1217.94107
Paul Wells- Donald Wells4.8717.09106
Tim Chapman – Marcus Leech5.0216.52$45.00105
Matt Nettles – RB Blackmon4.3116.34104
Chad Gainey – Todd Butler5.0115.26103
David Canupp & David Canupp3.2614.73102
Jason Bateman – Steve Phillips3.5314.59101
Max Price3.7013.98100
Craig Haven – Tim Haven2.3911.0699
Michael Ard – Seth Ard0.005.2698
Scott Floyd – Greg Corvin0.004.8797
Jimmy McFarlnad – Calvin Griggs0.000.0096
Total Entrys$1,200.00
BONUS $$350.00
Total Paid At Ramp$1,250.00
Wateree 2019 Summer Final Fund$240.00
2018 CATT Championship Fund$30.00
2019 Wateree Summer Final Fund Total$240.00
2019 CATT Championship Fund Total$5,645.00


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