Lex Costas – Xan Costas win CATT Santee Cooper Feb 17, 2018

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The warm weather is getting here early and the “bite” has turned on down on the Santee Cooper Lakes!. WE had 60 teams enter this past Saturday and the next Santee CATT is this coming Saturday Feb 24 at John C Land! This one is a GOLD so the entry fee is $120 or $130 at the ramp! Look for some big weights to come to the scales Saturday!

Lex & Xan Costas brought in 5 bass at 31.86 lbs to take 1st Place! They also claimed the BONUS $ plus they weighed the 2nd BF at 8.60 lbs. ALL total Lex & Xan took home $2,180.00!

Eric Bozeman & Max Shuman finished 2nd with 27.29 lbs and they weighed the 1st BF at 8.96 lbs. They took home $1,020.00!

Mark Hudson & Gary Elsey came in 3rd with 24.67 lbs and they collected $500.00!

We paid back 12 places and a total of $5,245.00!

Come join us this coming Saturday at John C!




1Lex Costas – Xan Costas  2nd BF & BONUS $8.6031.86$2,180.00110
2Eric Bozeman – Max Shuman   1st BF8.9627.29$1,020.00109
3John Johnston – Mark Cecopley7.5125.17$500.00108
4Mark Hutson – Gary Elsey7.5924.67$380.00107
5Jim Smoak – Jamie Glasscock7.7324.55$260.00106
6Glenn Altman – DJ Cox4.9120.64$200.00105
7Carlton Thompkins – Joel Barfield5.7520.24$150.00104
8Brent Waynick – Emment McCauley0.0019.81$130.00103
9Grayson Cook – Bryson Galloway0.0019.69$120.00102
10Kevin Alford – Gary Pope0.0018.28$110.00101
11Casey Warren0.0017.72$100.00100
12Ryan Thompson5.5017.21$95.0099
13Perry & Colton Holloway0.0016.7398
14James McCutchen – Jamie Blackburn8.3016.4897
15Kurt Causey – Ronnie Trotter5.2316.1696
16Ricky Irick – Chris Richburg4.9316.0495
17Chuck Howard – Ken Ellis0.0015.7194
18Larry Avins – Joe Avin6.1015.0093
19Justin Cromer – Taylor Brunson0.0014.6792
20Mario & Reid Colangelo0.0014.2591
21Jerry Montjoy – Ray Deloach0.0014.0390
22Buddy Holmes – Jimmy Bell0.0013.9289
23Lonnie Jones – Johnny Buck0.0013.7188
24Cole Drummond – Danny Shanz3.6613.5787
25Trey Daniels – Ethan Floyd0.0013.5086
26Ted Urquhart – John Ford4.1613.3985
27Elvis & Brian Peagler0.0013.3484
28Russ Scalfs – Nick Grant0.0013.1683
29Don Pendarvis – Bobby Gibbs0.0012.2382
30Robert Clarke0.0012.2081
31Mack Altman – Randall Miller0.0011.0680
32J Weinberg – Morgan Strange5.2011.0379
33Lee & Josh Morris0.008.6578
34Sean Skey – T Edmunds0.007.7477
35Patrick Williams5.077.7376
36Freddy Edmunds – Ed Burnett0.005.2375
37Sammie Greer – David Strickalnd0.003.2174
38Steve Borton – Brian Bultman0.000.0073
39David Benenhaley – Michael Cox0.000.0073
40Todd Olds – Ray Walsh0.000.0073
41Freddie Gibbs – Clark Gibbs0.000.0073
42Max Terry – Bugsy Terry0.000.0073
43Dillon Ellis – Allen Crawford0.000.0073
44Bo Chappell – Judy Chappell0.000.0073
45Horace Scott – Scott Spittle0.000.0073
46Jay Mason – Kaela Phillips0.000.0073
47Nathan Alford – Cody Brunson0.000.0073
48Jamie & Walker Partee0.000.0073
49Jeremy Bradley – Brooks Barrineau0.000.0073
50Dave Murdock – Paul Geddings0.000.0073
51Clint Postell0.000.0073
52Keith Shelton – Thomas Hoffmeyer0.000.0073
53Keith Britt – Andy Rutledge0.000.0073
54Gregg Donsota – Stephan Doncon0.000.0073
55Rodney Jordan0.000.0073
56Roby & Bynum Kelly0.000.0073
57Brandon Evans – Craig Hall0.000.0073
58Daniel Howell0.000.0073
59Donnie McCord – Hunter Mims0.000.0073
60Tim Hilton – Bucky Clarke0.000.0073
Total Entrys  $4,800.00
BONUS $  $1,000.00
Total Paid At Ramp  $5,245.00
Santee Cooper 2018 Spring Final Fund  $505.00
2018 CATT Championship Fund  $50.00
2018 Santee Cooper Spring Final Fund Total  $1,010.00
2018 CATT Championship Fund Total  $2,555.00


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