We have 1 more Santee Cooper Spring Qualifier left! This coming weekend May 5th at Blacks Camp and is a GOLD event! Next year we will try to have all the entire Santee Cooper Spring trail launch from John C Land! Also Derrick is planning a Summer and a Fall Trail!

Carolina Post Frame is awarding the 2018 CATT Santee Cooper Spring Point Winners $500.00! Support them guys as they are supporting us!

Lex & Xan Costas took the win Saturday down on Santee with 5 bass weighing 26.32 lbs! They weighed the Academy BF at 9.10 lbs & with the BONUS $ added in they took home $2,484.00!                     Lex & Xan also received an Academy Gift Card!                   


2nd Place went to Mike Watson & Craig McFadden with 5 bass weighing 24.16 lbs! They weighed the 2nd BF at 8.12 lbs and took home $836.00!

3rd went to Wade Grooms with 23.48 lbs worth $425.00!

We paid back a total of 7 places and $4,615.00!

More pics at the bottom of the results!

 37 TeamsBigTotal  
Lex & Xan Costas  BONUS $ 1st BF9.1026.32$2,484.00110
Mike Watson Craig McFadden   2nd BF8.1224.16$836.00109
Wade Grooms0.0023.48$425.00108
Ben Smith0.0021.46$325.00107
Jamie Glasscock Jim Smoak0.0020.88$240.00106
Ed Paul0.0020.31$175.00105
David Benehaley Mike Cox0.0020.20$130.00104
Jesse Williams Ryan Steen0.0020.12103
TJ Anderson Shai Haley0.0019.73102
Mark & Glenn Curry0.0018.58101
Bryan Cook Steve Harmon0.0018.45100
Terry Barr Paul Davis0.0018.3699
Gary Elsey Mark Hutson0.0018.0798
Chuck Howard Ken Ellis0.0016.9297
Horace Scott Scott Spittle0.0016.7596
Mario- Reid Colangelo0.0016.6095
Anthony Aaron Scott Perrine0.0015.6394
Bobby Gibbs Don Pendorius0.0015.4693
Brian Purvis0.0015.1592
Patrick Williams Ray Spence0.0014.5091
Danny & Ava Lowery0.0013.4290
Brad Schwartz0.0013.1389
Perry & Cash Holloway0.0013.0888
Chad & Farrah Crosby0.0012.5087
Brent Waynick & Emmett McCauley0.0012.4886
Mac Altman Kevin Alford0.0012.2585
Max & Bugzy Terry0.0011.7484
Ted Urhardt & John Ford0.004.1083
Sid Fowler Cory Casey0.000.0082
Brandon Evans0.000.0082
J Weinberg Morgan Strange0.000.0082
Larry-Joe Avin0.000.0082
Hunter & Thomas Hoffmeyer0.000.0082
Freddie & Clark Gibbs0.000.0082
Tray Daniels & Ken Keels0.000.0082
Daniel Howell0.000.0082
Eric Bozeman Max Shuman0.000.0082
Total Entrys  $4,440.00 
BONUS $  $700.00 
Total Paid At Ramp  $4,615.00 
Santee Cooper 2018 Spring Final Fund $450.00 
2018 CATT Championship Fund  $75.00 
2018 Santee Cooper Spring Final Fund Total $2,940.00 
2018 CATT Championship Fund Total $4,405.00 


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