The bass will react to the different weather conditions. In summer when the temperature rises into the 80s they become very easy to catch all day long! You’re able to completely dominate the water once the bass is located. Most of the fish during this time have spawned and most are already past their post-spawn lockjaw. This is one of the best months for bass fishing in aquatic vegetation. The depth of the water also is very crucial if you want to find bass.

In shallow water, the period of time when the water temperature varies between 80-85 degrees will be when there is the greatest density of bass that are feeding. The metabolism of the fish is at its peak and spawning is no longer a concern. This has always been the best time to catch some big bass easily. You will always find the bass hiding in cover, rocks, or even near the docks.

You’ll want to use a heavy rod, 6-1/2 to 7 feet in length, with a heavy 20-pound mono on spinners and a braided line with fluorocarbon for worms and jigs. Always concentrate your efforts on four to eight-foot of water on secondary points and the edge of creeks. These points and creeks have good cover either in the form of aquatic vegetation, rocks, docks, brush, or even stomps. We find good success using our 5-inch Fresh Worms during these times. Black & Blue, Green Pumpkin, and Watermelon Red Worms will get the job done for sure!
Our Fresh Worms are one of the most tried and true ways to catch fish. Designed to catch both size and numbers. Made from high-grade non-salt plastic with provides superior life-like action and positive buoyancy.

It can be fun fishing in mid-depth waters in early summer because the fish are in one of their most productive states. Most fish will hold at these depths when the water temperature is in the mid-80s but will feed in shallower water. The expectation to this rule will be very clear deep waters with hydrilla in them. These lakes will hold bass all along the edge. As the summer begins and the water temperatures approach the 90s, this is when the bass will come to mid-depth waters to feed and roam. Wacky worms work wonders during this time.

Another bait we like to use on theĀ bassĀ is our Fresh Scorpion. The Fresh Scorpion is a revolutionary new look to soft plastics. Each Scorpion has a unique and exclusive 3-axis tail design that is engineered like no other soft plastic bait. The high-grade non-salt plastic provides superior life-like action that triggers MORE strikes! Natural colored baitsĀ are king this time of the year.
The Scorpion’s tail acts as a weed guard so you will not have to worry about getting caught up easily. They can be rigged in multiple ways, but we have found the most success using the stand-up jig with the Scorpion. This jig will naturally put the Scorpion in a defensive stance that triggers more strikes.

Most bass will not go as deep as they would in the wintertime. This is caused in part by the stratification of water and oxygen depletion in the water. Toward the end of summer when it gets to be 90-100 degrees the bass will all gather in the lower 15-25 foot level. Bass will swim around looking for food most of the day.Ā 

It can be very easy to catch fish during this time because the bass will go on a feeding binge for several days at a time. You’ll want to try out the Carolina rig or even a drop shot rig when you’re fishing in this deep of waters. These depths are so fun to fish because you never know how many fish you’ll catch!