Locking Targets on Versatility : The Missile Craw by Missile Baits

Total Score: 7.83 – GOOD

Introduction: You’d think after such great success fishing Missile Bait’s DBomb trailer bait, we’d have been full bore into the manufacturer’s remaining catalog of soft plastic baits. Trouble is, we were having so much fun fishing that bait, we found it difficult to move away from it. We’ve finally pulled our collective heads out from inside our tackle bags and have slowly been working out way through the other product Missile Baits has to offer. Today, we drill down into the bait that is the namesake of the company. Here now is our look at Missile Baits’s Missile Craw.

Missile Baits Missile Craw Specifications

TypeCraw/Punch Bait
MaterialSoft Plastic
Scent/Plastic TreatmentNone Advertised
# per package8
Resealable Bag?Yes


The Missile Baits’s Missile Craw is a staple in the arsenal of many tournament anglers

Impressions: Missile Baits’s Missile Craw is a really interesting take on the crawdad bait. It has a tapered body almost like a half, elliptical cylinder with a hollowed out underside to facilitate rigging and two very slender, teardrop shaped claws extending out from one end of the bait. Between those claws, the bait’s body extends into a point forming a single antennae. This bait definitely leans on the side of not-realistic and prefers to blur the lines between bait types.



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