Next and last Lake Norman FALL Qualifier is this coming Saturday Nov 23rd at Pinnacle! We have 60 teams eligible to enter the Final to date and you only have to enter 1 Qualifier to be eligible!

Lucas Helms & Jordan Baker take 1st Place with 5 bass weighing 13.41 lbs!

Gene Webster took 2nd  with 12.68 lbs!

Steve Addington 3rd with $200.00!

22 TeamsBFWeightWinningsPoints
Lucas Helms – Jordan Baker2.9713.41$900.00110
Gene Webster2.3112.68$300.00109
Steve Addington3.2512.26$200.00108
Aaron Jordan3.2912.18$166.00107
Tim Chapman – Michael Stevens2.9011.76106
Boo Whitaker – John Miller2.8210.88105
Craig Chambers & Derrick Cummings3.2810.87104
Chris Baumgardner – Jimmy LeShock3.229.93103
Matt McBee – Matt Haywood2.979.62102
Maurice Freeze – Rick Poplin0.009.24101
Roger Hoover – Scott Hamrick2.359.14100
Mark Morrison – Rodney Lambert3.549.13$154.0099
Wendell Ireland – Shane Sharpe0.008.4398
Greg & Gregory Mauldin0.007.2197
Kenny Seagle0.006.6196
Emmaunel Leneau0.005.7695
Andy Brode – Herb Bammel0.004.6694
Dale Phillips0.000.0093
David & Tye Cook0.000.0093
John Parker – Kenny Hannon0.000.0093
Jake Moak0.000.0093
Adam Waters – Dylan Fulk0.000.0093
Total Entrys$1,760.00
BONUS $$400.00
Total Paid At Ramp$1,720.00
Norman FALL 2019 Final Fund$360.00
2020 CATT Championship/Phantom Fund$50.00
2019 Norman Fall Final Fund Total$2,030.00
2020 CATT Champ/Phantom  Fund Total$1,605.00


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