Marshall Johnson & Ryan Lachniet Win CATT James River, VA July 18, 2020


Next CATT on the James River is August 15th at Osbourne!

We finally got a couple of make up dates approved! We added August 29 and September 26 both at Osbourne to the schedule! That will give us 6 Qualifiers total and you must fish 3 to be eligible to enter the James River Final! Fishing solo once & with sub once counts toward teams Qualification! You may fish solo and you can Qualify solo for the James River Final!

1st Place at the 2020 James River Final takes home $5,000.00!

2020 James River Point Winners Receive Free Entry Into All 2021 James River Qualifiers Excluding the Final!
2nd In the James River Points $500
3rd In the James River Points $250
4th In the James River Points $150
5th In the James River Points $100

2020 James River Points are sponsored by Critical Fishing! Click on the Critical logo to visit the Critical website!

Marshall Johnson & Ryan Lachniet brought in 5 bass weighing 17.71 lbs good enough for 1st place at out July 18th James River Qualifier! They also weighed in the 1st BF at 6.38 lbs! All total they took home $2,306.00!

Edward Milton & Thomas Milton finished 2nd with 17.03 lbs and took home $1,010.00!

48 TeamsBFWeightWinningsPoints
Marshall Johnson- Ryan Lachniet6.3817.71$2,306.00110
Edward Milton-Thomas Milton4.4117.03$1,010.00109
Chris Bryant-Matt Dunning0.0015.34$570.00108
Brian Brooks- Avery Powelson3.9815.03$450.00107
Kelly Robinette- David Barlow0.0015.02$325.00106
Mathew Kite0.0014.57$240.00105
Casey Logan – Keat Dalton4.2914.55$200.00104
William Clements- Jimmy Cornett5.2814.50$294.00103
Montie Martinez-William Allen0.0014.47$130.00102
Harrison Baker- Chase Huffman4.7714.34101
Cody condrey- James Condrey4.2314.30100
Luke Carson- Darin Zollar5.1013.7899
Ryan Drewery- Wayne Drewery5.0513.7498
Ronnie Slaughter- Landon Tucker4.2513.6997
Trey Goodman- Tim Chaffin0.0013.6896
Charles Ramer- Ernest Revels4.6613.2795
Walter Emerson-Brody Webb0.0012.9894
Jeff Powers0.0012.9793
Travis Heath- Kevin Gregory0.0012.9592
Audie Murphy- Monte Aleman4.1812.8691
John Koren0.0012.2190
Chris Wingfield0.0011.7989
Dave Carney- Andy Bollhorst0.0011.7288
Ray Hogge- Donnie Daniel0.0011.6387
Bryan Keane- Evan Anderson0.0011.5786
Tommy Little- Jerry Hefler3.2411.3885
Jonathan Ceaser- Lou Britos0.0011.3484
Roger Walters- David Fox4.2011.2483
James Tiley- Andy Walker0.0011.1882
Jeffrey Valentin- Daryl Moody0.0011.1381
Curtis Combs- CJ Combs3.4110.6280
Jordan Heineman4.9810.5379
Steve Webb- Stacy Vassar0.009.9578
Jason Bishop3.149.6577
Clayton Robens- Nathan Seymore0.008.9576
J.R Clarke- Bob Mcdorman0.008.9475
Tri Nguyen0.008.8574
Richard Bates- Scott Randall0.008.8373
Tim Byers- Craig Ferguson0.008.8172
Chris Cockrell- Brian Snipes0.008.7271
Ted Lempke- Mark Alston0.008.2670
John Barnes0.007.6469
Jamie Nealy- Greg Ball0.000.0068
Jacob Moore- Tommy Hauser0.000.0068
Joe Carr- Larry Whitt0.000.0068
Mikey Anderson0.000.0068
Bryan Bersik-Justin Faison0.000.0068
Burley Langford0.000.0068
Total Entrys$5,640.00
BONUS $$350.00
Total Paid At Ramp$5,355.00
James River 2020 Final Fund$450.00
2020 CATT Championship Fund$85.00
2020 James River Final Fund Total$870.00
2020 CATT Championship Fund Total$4,160.00


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