Matt & Andrew Baker win the 2021 Cooper River Spring Points and will fish the Sooper River Spring Final Free! The Sooper River Final is May 1 at Cypress Gardens and we have a record 66 tams eligible to enter!

Johnny Brinson won the April 17th Cooper River Qualifier with 5 bass weighing 19.12 lbs! He took home $1,175.00!

2nd Place Bubba Dennis with 16.23 lbs!

3rd Place Billy Willis & Glen Porter with 15.91 lbs!

The BF weighed 7.20 lbs and Joseph Giampa weighed it in!

Johnny Brinson0.0019.12$1,175.00110
Bubba Dennis0.0016.23$290.00109
Billy Willis Glen Porter0.0015.91$185.00108
Joseph Giampa7.2015.56$305.00107
Jimmy Mccants Kevin Lambert0.0015.32$105.00106
Logan Benton Shawn Benton0.0014.24$80.00105
Corey Casey0.0013.50104
John Campbell Grace Campbell0.0012.97103
Derrick Nixon Bob Letizi0.0012.52102
Brant Schuler Hunter Hackworth0.0012.33101
Jimmy Bihlear Jimmy Bihlear Sr.0.0012.28100
Scott Perrine Michael Cocker0.0012.2199
Dave McConnell Dylan Mcconnell0.0012.1498
Randy Gibson Jermey Hernandez0.0012.0197
Gabriel Hornet Pearson0.0011.1996
Matt Baker Andrew Baker0.0010.7795
Bucky Clarke Tim Hilton0.0010.6694
Edward Punchak Michael Dibelo0.0010.5793
Travis Osborn Gentry Manning0.0010.0792
Wendell Lampkin0.009.4191
Larry Wood0.009.6490
Brain Surowiec Walt Cumbie0.009.4989
Cody Wilson James Skelton0.009.0488
James Roy Jr Robison William Gregory0.008.5487
James Fender Kyle Welch0.008.1586
Phillip Cumbie Percy Grooms0.008.1385
Travis Gatlin Grant Powell0.008.0884
Gavin Miles0.006.0683
Ira Lewis Eric Blizzard0.005.9282
Andy Rutledge0.005.7881
John Ford Ricky Ford0.000.0071
Landy Filyaw0.000.0071
Danny Snyder Zac Fitzgerald0.000.0071
Total Entrys$1,650.00
BONUS $$675.00
Total Paid At Ramp$2,140.00
Cooper River 2021 Spring Final Fund$175.00
2021 CATT Championship Fund$10.00
Cooper River 2021 Spring Final Fund Total$640.00
2021 CATT Championship Fund$2,440.00


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