We are planning a HUGE Fall Series on Norman in 2022! We have the schedule and will add more when sponsors come on board! It’s going to be a good one! $2,000 1st Place at each Qualifier leading up to the 2022 Phantom Outdoors Super Tournament on Lake Norman Dec 2-3, 2022 $10,000 1st Place! We will be coming out with more info soon! Check out the schedule by tapping on the link below!

Matt Haywood & Matt McBee win the 2021 Lake Norman Fall Final with 5 bass weighing 15.09 lbs and take home $1,613.00!

Craig Chambers & Derek Cummings took 2nd with 11.42 lbs!

Matt McBee / Matt Haywood4.2915.09$1,613.00
Craig Chambers / Derek Cummings3.9911.42$877.00
Mike Kiser / Brandon Gardner2.0910.26$200.00
Kenny Kanipe / Kevin Lynch2.669.40
Lance Eckford / Kevin Thomas0.008.35
Scott & Dwight “P-Nut” Beattie0.007.54
Jason Land / Bryson Garland0.007.38
Shawn Crowsby / Robert Brooks3.003.91
Trent Goins / Randall Gardner0.000.00
Mike Spah / Dean Lyons0.000.00
Todd Barbee / Zachary Scelsi0.000.00
Jason Wilson0.000.00
Mark Carpenter / Andy Keener0.000.00
David & Ty Cooke0.000.00