Lake Norman is a wrap! Thanks for fishing with us!  Keep checking in for the 2021 CATT events on Norman! We will have some Opens and will look at how we can make them better!

Also we have a Phantom Outdoors Invitational planned for May 15th at Pinnacle! $5,000.00 1st Place!

Tap on the link for more info about the Phantom Outdoors Invitational!

1st Place and $1,941.00 went to Matt Stout & Steve Addington with 5 bas weighing 15.98 lbs! They also weighed in the Lews BF at 4.85 lbs! A Spotted Bass that almost weighed 5 lbs! PLUS a $25 Academy Gift Card!

2nd Place went to Corey Stone & Nick Williams with 13.95 lbs!

Scott & Dwight Beattie claimed 3rd with 11.74 lbs!

13 TeamsBFWeightWinnings
Steve Addington / Matt Stout4.8515.98$1,941.00
Corey Stone / Nick Williams3.6613.95$804.00
Scott & Dwight P-Nut Beattie3.2411.74$150.00
Matt Haywood3.4011.73
John Marshall / William Hodges0.009.76
John Allen2.299.71
Darren Gay / Joe Miller0.009.32
Bill Sporney0.002.48
Scott Robeson / Doug Hudgens0.000.00
Stephen Staley / Micky Edwards0.000.00
George Lauster0.000.00
Joel Marcotte0.000.00
David & Ty Cooke0.000.00


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