Next Yadkin CATT is at High Rock out of Southmont Aug 27th!

Maurice Freeze and Chad Poteat: 1st and 1st side pot with 18.79 also 2nd big fish with a 4.53 pounder!

Jeremy Talbert and Tod Haynes: 2nd and 2nd side pot with 15.70 lbs!

George Lambeth and Herby Young: 3rd and 3rd side pot with 13.76 lbs!

Matt Stanley and CJ Johnston: 4th with 13.32 lbs!

Brandon Williams and Mark Laxton: 5th with 11.99

Zach ” Big Fish ” Scelsi with his Academy Sports gift card. A 4.67lb lunker gave him the Academy BF honors for today!

John Kistler and Rusty Melton won the Smiths baits prize pack sponsored by Marty Smith with 10.87 lbs!

Maurice Freeze – Chad Poteat4.5318.79$993.00110
Tod Haynes – Jeremy Talbert3.7715.70$405.00109
George Lambeth – Herby Young4.2713.76$252.00108
Matt Stanley – CJ Johnson0.0013.32$110.00107
Brandon Williams – Mark Laxton0.0011.99$100.00106
John Kistler – Rusty Melton0.0010.87105
Calvin McCaskill – Derek Crumbley0.0010.48104
Robin Collins – Ronnioe White0.009.43103
Steve Sink – Jason Riggs0.008.08102
RM Parker – Corey Gibson0.007.84101
David Hunt – Darrell Crumbley3.207.70100
Zach Scelsi – Kris Scelis4.677.42$175.0099
Tanner Werth – Taylor Werth0.005.5598
Micheal Swearingen – Alan Shinn0.004.9997
Marty Smith – Mitch Frederick2.894.4696
Mike Allen – Thomas Furr0.003.4495
Cody Lambeth- Chris Walls0.003.3594
Lance Isenhour0.001.9593
Chris Passmoore – Wes Woodall0.001.8692
Hunter Harwood – Scott Harwood0.001.8591
Todd Butler – Jeffrey Furr0.000.0081
Jerry Bono – Billy Marshall0.000.0081
Josh Griffin0.000.0081
Mark Mohler – Graeme Bosch0.000.0081
Blake Hedrick0.000.0081
Total Entrys$2,000.00
BONUS $$525.00
Total Paid At Ramp$2,035.00
2022 Yadkin Fall Final Fund$390.00
2022 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2022 Yadkin Fall Final Fund Total$810.00