By: Captain Chad Green

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As spring is in full swing, May fishing will be a great time to catch all species of fish and enjoy great weather and relaxing days on the water. Get out on the water when you can and enjoy the sunrises and sunsets. Practice catch and release as much as possible to preserve our great fisheries out there. As always, just make one more Last Cast as it could be the next trophy fish. Visit Captains Quarters Marina at Hales Ford Bridge for any tackle that you may need and he will fix you up.

Largemouth Bass/Smallmouth Bass
We are in all stages of the spawn as of right now as our water temps are still around 60 degrees. As we get warmer nights, the shad spawn will increase target rocky banks and rip rap that will have bass that follow along with stripers. Docks are key areas in protected pockets and will have fish just about any time of day especially in bright sunshine. Points and flats on the main Channel will start to be key areas as fish move in and out of areas during the spawn. Night fishing will be great for the next few weeks at dark till early morning with topwater lures. Best lures in May will be topwater lures, swimbaits, jigs, shakey head, drop shots, spinnerbaits, crankbaits, and Carolina rigs. Depths of water would be most productive in 2-10’ throughout May.

Striped Bass
Night fishing is great right now using topwater lures, Long A bombers, No.13 Rapalas, they will continue to feed during the day also in the same areas. The striper population is very high in the lake right now and can be found in most areas of the lake with the mid to lower end of the lake on both river arms being the most productive. Target main lake points and flats with rock or red clay in 5-20 ft of water. The bigger fish are starting to show up in lower ends of the lake following schools of bait around in the shallows and can be seen with a good pair of polarized glasses. Try and target these fish with larger bait pulled on planer boards up shallow early in the morning or cloudy days, and move out deeper as the sun rises and temps warm. Be careful with these fish starting this month with warming temperatures get them back in the water as soon as possible and practice catch and release of the trophy fish.

May is a great month to crappie fish and can be found up both river arms of the lake in 5-15’ depths around fallen trees, brush piles, and dock pilings. Minnows and small jigs are baits of choice on light tackle and can make for a fun day and a fine meal afterwards. Practice catch and release of the larger female fish so they can finish their spawn in in the next few weeks.

Tournaments in May
Tues night tournaments 630pm-1030pm Captains Quarters Marina
Fri night tournaments 8pm-2pm Captains Quarters Marina
Sat night tournaments 8pm-2pm Foxport Marina
May 14th Anglers Choice Marine at Parkway Marina 7am – 3pm


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