It’s here! The 2020 Phantom Invitational is this coming Saturday July 25th at Bucksport! This is an OPEN event so come on out and fish for some BIG MONEY! 

UPDATE – This is an Open event to all!
$5,000 1st Place based on 60 teams entering – 2019 we had 64 teams enter the Waccamaw Phantom!
This will also count as a Qualifier for the Waccamaw Summer Trail BUT no points will be awarded!
If your team has not entered a 2020 CATT Waccamaw River Summer Qualifier you can pay the membership at the Phantom Invitational and you will eligible to enter the 2020 Waccamaw Summer Final!
Entry Fee: $200 ($210 at the ramp)
Platinum BONUS $100 (Paying 3 Places)
Gold BONUS $50 (Paying up to 3 Places)
Silver BONUS $25 (Paying up to 3 Places)
Blastoff # Determined by Order of Payment!
Paying 2 Big Fish Places and 1 Place for Every 6 Teams Entered!
We’ll also be raffling Items at each event!
No Pros!

Next Waccamaw River CATT isthe Summer Final August 5th! Avery Williams & Wilson Springs win the points and will fish free at the Final!

McKalay Logue & Johnny Duarte are our big winners from Saturdays event on the Waccamaw River with 5 bass weighing 14.57 lbs! They collected $1,505.00! Great job!

Neal & Winston Martin took 2nd with 14.09 lbs!

Danny & Kaleb  McLain claimed 3rd with 13.66 lbs!

Brian Howard & Wade Cooke 4th with 13.36 lbs Plus Academy Gift Card!

Carlton Thompkins & Joel Barfield 5th with 12.89 lbs!

Avery Williams & Wilson Springs 2nd BF and Point Winners!

40 TeamsBFWeightWinningsPoints
Johnny Duarte & McKalay Logue4.33
Winston & Neal Martin3.77
Danny & Caleb McLain4.0313.66$325.00108
Brian Howard & Wade Cook
Carlton Thompkins & Joel Barfield5.0912.89$260.00106
Avery Williams & Wilson Springs5.1710.88$390.00105
Robby Byrum & Sammie Patterson2.8810.77$100.00104
Casey Warren3.3510.45$90.00103
Mark Curry & JR Milligan2.579.82102
Timmy & River Squirers2.7210.00101
Chad Williams & Jeremy Hewitt2.669.46100
Mark Johnson & Gary Pope2.669.4499
Kyle & Kristin Chestnut2.339.3698
Richard & Gavin Porter2.209.1097
Charles & Stacey Proctor2.839.0296
Reid McDowell & Danny Allen2.339.0095
Andy & Branson Howell2.518.9094
Lee Turberville & Jamie Forebush0.008.9093
Scott & Veda McClellan3.068.6992
Andrew Vereen & Jordan Weaver0.008.4791
Chris Jones & Ed Owens3.388.4590
Ryan Thompson & Robbie Boyd2.277.0389
Ricky Bellamy & Jordan Phillips0.006.8088
Tommy & Thomas Collins0.006.5587
Charles Fryer & Danny Rabon0.006.0486
Wendell McCray & Chris Austin1.580.0085
Nick Gant & Patrick Cook0.000.0085
Kevin Bazen & Eric Freeman0.000.0085
Ron Cannon & Kyle Johnson0.000.0085
Brad Suggs & Chris Waters0.000.0085
Don McLaud0.000.0085
Kaleb Gerald & Adam Lewis0.000.0085
Rodney & TJ Hardee0.000.0085
Ron & Sonja Terwilliger0.000.0085
Freddy Mincey0.000.0085
Joey McLain0.000.0085
Mike Granburg & Tom Tanner0.000.0085
Calvin Clatterbuck0.000.0085
Cody & Jerry Edwards0.000.0085
Johnny Johnson & Wesley Howell0.000.0085
Total Entrys$3,200.00
BONUS $$625.00
Total Paid At Ramp$3,310.00
Waccamaw River 2020 Summer Final Fund$415.00
2020 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2020 Waccamaw River Final Fund Total$1,180.00
2020 CATT Championship Fund Total$4,160.00


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