Michael Garner & Richard Bracey Win CATT Lake Gaston March 3,2018

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We kicked off the 2018 Gaston edition of the CATT Trail with 25 teams entering! The fishing was hot! Several great bags of bass were weighed in! Next Gaston CATT is April 15th at Salmons Landing (Stonehouse) and remember 1st Place is taking home $1,000 at each 2018 Gaston Qualifier!

Michael Garner & Richard Bracey claimed 1st with 5 bass weighing 22.92 lbs! they also took the 1st BONUS and left with $1,360.00 in their pockets!

Richard Kramer & Shawn Evans took 2nd with 5 bass weighing 21.52 ls and they took home $742.00!

Scott Griffin & Kyle Griffin finished 3rd with 21.13 lbs and they earned $498.00!

4th and the last check of $255.00 went to George Smiley & Butch Coons with 21.10 lbs!



Thanks to Glass Baron for the Trophys! www.glassbarons.com

NamesFish WeightWinningsPoints
1Michael Garner – Richard Bracey  1st BONUS $6.2722.92$1,360.00110
2Richard Kramer – Shawn Evans  2nd BF & 2nd BONUS $6.3321.52$742.00109
3Scott Griffin- Kyle Griffin 1st BF & 3rd BONUS $7.2021.13$498.00108
4George Smiley – Butch Coons  4th BONUS $0.0021.10$255.00107
5Adam Richardson- Gene Richardson0.0019.91106
6Scott Golden – Jesse Medlin5.4119.30105
7Patrick Wooten- Phillip Sykes5.3118.98104
8Jt Palmore& Sub for- Bobby Crisman6.2218.97103
9Wesley Bennett- Chris Bishop0.0017.31102
10Ray Horrocks0.0016.48101
11Kenny Reynolds- Bo Grosevenor0.0014.56100
12Chuck Murray- Randy Groves0.0014.4999
13Ivan & Janet Morris0.0013.6298
14Tim Kirby – Bill Nowell0.0013.1397
15Michael Chlomoudis- Marty Warren0.0012.1696
16Allen White- Mike Vaughan0.0012.0395
17Scott White- Evan White0.0010.5394
18Gene Woodard – Gene Griffin0.0010.0593
19Mark Robertson – Keith Joyce0.007.1992
20Rich Hartman0.006.6491
21Nathaniel Kilgan- Shawn Roberson0.006.6390
22Michael Whitehurst – Donna Wilson0.000.0089
23Jackson Warner – Dustin Dinsmore0.000.0089
24Steven Brinkley –0.000.0089
25Frank Porrier0.000.0089
26Matthew Oakley0.000.0089
Total Entrys  $3,000.00
BONUS $  $525.00
Total Paid At Ramp  $2,975.00
Gaston 2018 Spring Final Fund  $380.00
2018 CATT Championship Fund  $50.00
2018 Gaston Spring Final Fund Total  $380.00
2018 CATT Championship Fund Total  $2,925.00

3rd Place

4th Place

5th Place


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