Michael Richardson & Shane Cantley Win CATT Lake Wateree Sep 28,2019


Tournament Results Lake Wateree Open Sept 28, 2019 Michael Richardson & Shane Cantley Win With 15.50 lbs! We have over $3,500.00 In the Wateree Open Final Fund!

So far we have $3,565.00 in the Water Open Final Fund and a total of $1,500.00 in Point money to be handed it out at the Wateree Open Final November 23rd! You had top enter at least 6 Opens to be eligible to enter the Wateree Open Final! If you entered 10 Opens your entry fee is waived at the Open Final!

The Team that wins the 2019 Wateree Open Points will fish the entire 2020 Wateree Opens Free! Michael Richardson & Shane Cantley are well on their way to doing just that with the win Saturday at Wateree! Michael & Shane weighed in 5 bass at 15.50 lbs and took home $845.00!

Sam Hopkins was 3rd with 5 bass weighing 13.30 lbs!

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16 TeamsFishWeightWinningsPoints
Michael Richardson – Shane Cantley4.2615.50$845.00110
Brett Collins – Brad Petway3.8814.02$250.00109
Sam Hopkins – Craig Mathews2.7713.30$110.00108
Greg Sigmon – Jeff Reynolds3.9912.10107
David Ethridge – Butch Williams3.9410.81106
Steve Phillips3.077.28105
Tim Haven – Craig Haven0.006.62104
Jerry Freezon4.544.54$105.00103
Allen Fletcher0.003.48102
Scott Floyd – Bob Weaver1.783.25101
Garrett Brown – Doug Brown1.951.95100
Walter Knotts – Wayne Cook0.000.0099
Mike Peach0.000.0099
Jimmy McFarland0.000.0099
Jason McCoy – Buddy Hartis0.000.0099
Jordan Weaver – Chase Daniels0.000.0099
2019 Wateree Open Final Fund$340.00
2019 Wateree Open Final Fund Total$3,565.00
2019 Wateree Open Point Fund$1,500.00
**2018 Point Winners Free Entry
2019 Pt Winners Receive Free Entry 2020
Teams 2-6 In Points Receive $$


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