Mike Byrd & Clint Byrd win CATT Lake Robinson Final Jan 26,2019


Tournament Results Lake Robinson Fall Final Jan 26, 2019 Mike & Clint Byrd Claim 1st Place!

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It was cold Saturday on Lake Robinson for sure! Lake Robinson can be competitive and it was!

Mike Byrd & Clint Byrd weighed in 5 bass weighing 11.47 lbs and took home $1,670.00!

2nd went to to Todd Butler & Chad Gainey with 9.21 lbs! They also won the points!


Freddie Gibbs weighed in the Lews BF and took home $505.00 plus a Lews Mach II Speed Spool Baitcast Reel!


Ryan West & Randy Crowley were 4th

15 TeamsFishWeightWinnings
Mike Byrd/Clint Byrd $$2.8111.47$1,670.00
Todd Butler/Chad Gainey 2nd BF2.949.21$845.00
Freddie Gibbs   BF3.118.71$505.00
Ryan West/Randy Crowley1.968.04
Jeffrey Furr/Tommy Toskiski1.907.41
Justin Gainey/Allen Matthews1.747.24
Jimmy McFarland/Calvin Griggs0.007.21
Jason Murdock/Gene Winburn0.006.98
Ken Lawhon/Tim Garrison0.006.92
Scott McLamb/Miles Hair2.316.87
Eric Williamson/Trey Hunter0.006.47
Tanner Fletcher/Timothy Faile0.006.18
Roby Wyatt/Mike Prytula0.005.56
James Bond/Allen Varner0.005.30
Don Hall/Shon Fales0.004.64
Total Entrys$1,680.00
BONUS $$240.00
Robinson Fall Final Fund$1,110.00
Total Paid At Ramp$3,020.00
Total Paid Fall 2018 Lake Robinson$6,240.00


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