Mike Byrd & Clint Byrd Win CATT Wateree June 30, 2018


We have 1 more Wateree Summer Qualifier left! July 21st and it’s a GOLD!

Mike Byrd & Clint Byrd take the win this past Saturday with 5 bass weighing 17.23 lbs! Great catch guys!

2nd Place Butch Williams & Max Price! 1st BF!

3rd Chad Gainey & Todd Butler!

Mike King & Chris Crawford 4th & 2nd BF


17 TeamsBig
Mike Byrd – Clint Byrd5.0317.23$500.00110
Max Price – Butch Williams  BONUS $ 1st BF5.3816.97$629.00109
Chad Gainey – Todd Butler3.7815.44$100.00108
Chris Crawford – Mike King   2nd BF5.2214.83$51.00107
Brad Petway – Brett Collins3.8514.22106
Alan Fletcher & Donald Fletcher4.6113.00105
John Paul George – Jason Quinn2.9511.61104
Steve Phillips – Jason Bateman3.3211.17103
Walt Almond – Chad Rabon4.319.20102
David F Canupp – David L Canupp2.905.70101
Greg Corvin – Scott Floyd0.002.44100
Michael Maxfield – Miles Maxfield0.001.8499
Matt Nettles – RB Blackmon0.000.0098
Gary Kirkbride – Ed Mathews0.000.0098
Jeff Reynolds – Greg Sigmon0.000.0098
Lewis Thompson – Chris Holman0.000.0098
Johnny Allen0.000.0098
Total Entrys$1,360.00
BONUS $$300.00
Total Paid At Ramp$1,280.00
Wateree 2018 Summer Final Fund$350.00
2018 CATT Championship Fund$35.00
2018 Wateree Summer Final Fund Total$2,095.00
2018 CATT Championship Fund Total$460.00


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