Mike Grogan & Garrett Geouge Win CATT James River, VA Final Oct 9-10, 2021


We’ve had a great season on the James River! We still have the James River Fall Trail coming up and so far CATT has paid back over $108,000.00 on the James River! Thanks for the support guys! We will have the 2022 James River Posted very soon and let you know when you can start signing up! To view the 2021 James River Fall schedule go the James River Division page and scroll down! There is a Fall membership since none of the entry fees goes to CATT!

We concluded the 2021 James River Spring/Summer Trail this past Saturday with 56 teams entering the Final! Over $13,000.00 was on the table! Mike Grogan & Garrett Geouge took home $5,000.00 finishing at the top of the field with a 2 day total of 10 bass weighing 38.72 lbs! Great job guys!

2nd Place went to Trey Goodman & Tim Chaffin with a 2 day total of 31.51 lbs! They earned $2,000.00!

Howard & Mark Austin claimed 3rd with a 2 day total weight of 31.41 lbs and collected $1,600.00!

The 1st BF went to Mike & Jim Rowe and weighed 6.94 lbs!

Ray Hogge & Donnie Daniel won the James River Points and will fish all 2022 James River Qualifiers Free!

TeamDay 1Day 1Day 2Day 2Weight
Mike Grogan – Garrett Geouge4.9518.876.7619.8538.72$5,000.00
Trey Goodman – Tim Chaffin0.0013.186.6818.3331.51$2,000.00
Mark Austin – Howard Austin0.0019.690.0011.7231.41$1,600.00
Wayne Drewery – Ryan Drewery0.0016.070.0013.8729.94$1,300.00
Tripp Mistr – Brent Mistr5.0915.740.0012.7528.49$500.00
Ray Hogg – Donnie Daniel0.0015.200.0013.2428.44$400.00
Richard Bates – Scott Randall0.0010.966.1916.9427.90$500.00
Mickey Anderson – Bo Bolts0.0015.360.0012.3327.69$250.00
Greg Ball – Jamie Nealy5.6516.600.0010.4727.07$200.00
Allen Williams – Brad Redden0.0012.050.0014.2526.30$175.00
Guy Fairweather – Jared Williams0.0011.550.0014.6326.18
Jesse Kidd – Jake Kidd0.0012.990.0012.9925.98
Steve Colgin – Sammy Yates0.0015.500.009.7425.24
Mike Rowe – Jim Rowe6.9417.890.007.0924.98$390.00
Charles Ramer – Ernest Revels0.0013.370.0010.3623.73
Clyde Baldwin – Jeff Davis0.009.365.8214.0223.38
Blake Condrey – Merle Condrey0.0013.520.009.6123.13
Chris Bryant – Matt Dunnigan0.0013.930.009.1023.03
Jason Bishop – Jaff Hamilton0.0014.640.008.3222.96$150.00
Brian Snipes – Chris Cockrell0.008.850.0013.8322.68
Joey Cooke – Justin Hall0.0011.790.0010.4122.20
Richard Mistr – Tom Owens0.008.220.0012.6120.83
Kelly Robinette – David Barlow0.009.380.0011.4420.82$500.00
Tommy Little – Jerry Heffler0.009.150.0011.6720.82
Robert sutton – Mark Adams0.0012.210.008.4320.64
Brian Brooks – Avery Powelson0.009.770.0010.5520.32
Chase Huffman – Harrison Baker0.0013.590.006.4220.01$250.00
Charles James – John Conway0.008.560.0010.2718.83
Chris Mcdaniel – Matt Kite0.0013.900.004.7518.65
Rusty Alley – Dan Robinson0.
Jeff Valentin – Daryl Moody0.009.530.009.0518.58
Brian Bersik – Justin Faison0.0010.250.007.5717.82
Josh Durham – Aaron Durham0.0013.120.004.5117.63
Duane Hodge – Brad Colgin0.0010.060.006.6016.66
Marshall Johnson – Ryan Lachniet0.008.400.008.2516.65
Dave Carney – Andy Bolhorst0.0011.390.004.4515.84
Stacy Vasser0.
Burley Langfor – Brian Langford0.009.780.005.2014.98
Joseph Clarke – Trye Magee0.009.960.004.5514.51
James Tilley – Andy Walker0.
Chuck Comer – Don Warner0.
Rogers Walters – Renee Walters5.6112.640.000.0012.64
Chaz Carrington6.9211.950.000.0011.95$170.00
Luke Carson – Darrin Zollar0.0011.490.000.0011.49
John Barnes0.0011.200.000.0011.20
Michael Brannon – Jacob Compton0.0010.760.000.0010.76
Donnie Meade – Travis Daniels0.009.960.000.009.96
Bryan Keane – Evan Anderson0.
Ben Kendrick – Doug Wharton0.009.370.000.009.37
Audie Murphy – Chris Dorman0.008.790.000.008.79
Curtis Combs – Cj Combs0.003.960.004.448.40
James Condor – Jimmy Condor0.007.840.000.007.84
Matt Funk – James Funk0.007.430.000.007.43
Todd Fisher – Matt Chisholm0.007.400.000.007.40
Paul Martin – Francis Martin0.006.980.000.006.98
Bubba whitehurst – Parker Hinks0.005.940.000.005.94
Total Entrys$8,960.00
BONUS $$500.00
James River Final Fund$3,650.00
Total Paid At Ramp$13,385.00
Grand Total Paid 2021 James River$108,520.00


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