Next up is the 2022 CATT Old North Spring Final June 4th at Jordon Lake launching from Farrington Point! We have 62 eligible to enter! You can view the Old North Points by scrolling all the way down to the bottom on the Old North Division page!

2022 Old North Spring Final – $140 Entry $150 at Ramp

Optional $50 Side Pot

Old North Spring Final $8,000.00 1st Place GUARANTEED!
To be eligible a team had to enter 3 – 2022 Old North Spring Qualifiers!
You can fish the Old North Spring Final with your partner, solo or with a sub your team used in an Old North Spring Qualifier.

Mike Marchant & Bradley McLaurin take 1st Place at Falls with 5 bass weighing 25.18 lbs! 1st Place $2,000 PLUS 2nd BF at 6.82 lbs $130.00 PLUS 1st Side Pot $480.00! They received a total of $2,640.00!

Brian Benish & Travis Watson claimed 2nd Place with 5 bass weighing 22.68 lbs and they earned $910.00!

Ricky Petty & Michael Cooke collected $1,165.00 for 3rd Place with 5 bass weighing 22.46 lbs!

CATT Championship May 21-22! For more info visit the Championship page under Divisions!


Mike Marchant- Bradley McLaurin6.8225.18$2,640.00110
Brian Benish – Travis Watson5.7522.68$910.00109
Ricky Petty – Michael Cooke7.8522.46$1,165.00108
Jamie Fajardo – Josh Hooks0.0021.07$530.00107
Doug Stallings- Seth Ellis0.0020.10$300.00106
Clay Ausley- Dustin Morgan0.0017.78$225.00105
Derek Humble – Neil Humble0.0016.50$180.00104
Andy Williams – Hunter Williams5.1015.26$140.00103
Todd Sumner – Rich Z0.0015.24102
Paul Owens- Tyler Faggart0.0015.14101
Ben Cannon – Chad Craven0.0014.49100
Roby Wyatt- Mike Prytula5.8514.4699
Todd Massey – Bo Adams0.0014.0998
Johnathon Rhew – Mike Rhew0.0014.0197
David Farmer – Matt Deese0.0013.1696
Dan Glosson- Chris Glosson0.0012.7395
Mike Cole- Vincent Nettles0.0012.6294
Johnny Anton – Bryce Mcclenney0.0012.5893
Matt Fuhr- Adam Daniel0.0011.9592
Johnathan Halloway – Britton Oquinn0.0011.3991
Brandon Tyler- David Lanaville0.0011.2490
Justin Rhew- Roger Clary0.0011.0689
Rick Sossaman- Steve Upchurch0.009.7888
Hunter Petty – Jordan Oakley0.009.6587
Jeff Brown – Trey Hanning0.009.2686
David Hall – Chris Waggoner0.009.0985
Terry Amen- Casey Johnson0.008.8284
Mike Powers- Seth Mycko0.008.7983
Alec Lower – Richard Lower0.008.5382
Matthew Jones – Sonny Tindal0.008.0981
Chris Sorrel – Dustin Hess0.006.8780
Fulton Straughe – Michael Britt0.006.8479
Jordan Young – Mark Young0.006.4578
John Mcclelland – Eric Shell0.004.2577
Dane Butlet- Derrick Wright0.000.0067
Jeff Shaw – James Richmond0.000.0067
Roy Blackwood- Tommy Blackwood0.000.0067
Timmy Blair- Jermey Wright0.000.0067
Lynn Fox- Seth Ballard0.000.0067
Tim Goad- Mark Williams0.000.0067
Jonny Wilder – Mike Harris0.000.0067
Scott Smith – Dennis Reedy0.000.0067
Chad Fara – Steven Lasher0.000.0067
Dale Dalaney- Mike Salguro0.000.0067
Total Entrys$6,020.00
BONUS $$950.00
Total Paid At Ramp$6,090.00
Old North 2022 Spring Final Fund$880.00
2022 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2022 Old North Spring Final Fund Total$6,740.00