Nelson Walker & Chris Brunson Win CATT Santee Cooper 20.40 lbs July 21,2018

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We wrapped up the Santee Cooper Summer Trail this past Saturday at John C Land! Next up is the Fall schedule and we’ll have that on line by the end of the week! Also we are currently working on the 2019 Santee Cooper Spring schedule so stay tuned!

With the conclusion of the Santee Cooper Summer Trail we’ve paid back a total of  $53,060.00 on Santee Cooper in 2018! Nelson Walker & Chris Brunson took home a chunk of that Saturday with 5 bass weighing 20.40 lbs! They took home $1,680.00 with the 1st BF money added in! Their BF weighed up at 6.36 lbs and they also received a Lews Mach Speed Spool Baitcast Reel!

2nd went to our Santee Summer Point winners, Bunn Tyson & Thad Driggers with 15.75 lbs! They took home $910.00!

Justin Wood & Steve Borton weighed the 2nd BF at 6.23 ls and took home a Lews Mach Speed Stick!

13 TeamsFishWeightWinnings
Nelson Walker – Chris Brunson    1st BF6.3620.40$1,680.00
Bunn Tyson – Thadd Driggers  BONUS $0.0015.75$910.00
Cole Drummond – Danny Shanz0.0015.32
Steve Borton – Justin Wood   2nd BF6.2313.66$40.00
Mark – Grayson Cook0.006.72
Mario – Reid Colangelo0.003.28
David Benenhaley – Mike Cox0.000.00
Brad Schwartz – Bryan Miller0.000.00
Johnny Player – John Gardenhire0.000.00
Brett Mitchell – Jerry Montjoy0.000.00
Marc Deschanes – Christy0.000.00
Don Pendorus – Bobby Gibbs0.000.00
Chad Crosby – Darrell Tucker0.000.00
Total Entrys$1,440.00
BONUS $$220.00
2018 Santee Cooper Spring  Final Fund$970.00
Total Paid At Ramp$2,630.00
Total Paid 2018 Fall Santee Cooper$6,540.00
Total Paid 2018 Santee Cooper as of July 21st $53,060.00


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