Using a stick-style worm is one of the most tried and true ways to catch fish. Our new 6-inch Fresh Worms are designed to catch both size and numbers. You can now get 6-inch Bone Worms, Chocolate Mint Worms, Charmeleon Worms, Rainbow TRT Worms, and Fire TGR WormsEach worm is scented for complete attraction and made of a durable high-grade non-salt plastic which provides superior life-like action and positive buoyancy. Perfect to fish in any condition.
This time of the year all of the fish roam around in a feeding frenzy. Our 6-inch Fresh Worms catch the eyes of nearby fish because of their natural ability to imitate an actual worm. It’s always good to practice different rigging techniques in clear waters so you’re able to see how the worm truly moves underwater.
There are multiple ways to rig one of our 6-inch Fresh Worms, but we’ve found the most success using only a couple of different methods. Using a Wacky Rig is one of our favorites, but you also can’t go wrong using a Texas Rig, Drop Shot Rig, or even a Carolina Rig. Our 6-inch Fresh Worms actually float underwater so they look more realistic and catch the eyes of patrolling fish.