Nick Williams & Corey Stone Win CATT Lake Norman NC Oct 4, 2020



Next up on Lake Norman! Oct 17th $60 Open and the Fall Trails continues Oct 18th!

Nick Williams & Corey Stone win with 9.24 lbs ! A tough tourney no doubt!

Mark & Vince Parker 2nd

Paul & Melissa Watson with the BF of the day!

13. TeamsBFWeightWinningsPoints
Nick Williams / Corey Stone3.129.24$650.00110
Mark & Vince Parker2.679.00$200.00109
Wayne Ingrahm / Chris Brown0.007.69108
Mark Morrison / Rodney Lambert0.007.31107
Dean Lyons / Mike Burk0.007.14106
Matt Drake / Shane Wallace0.006.69105
Christian Johnson0.006.31104
Paul & Melissa Watson3.715.93$98.00103
John Marshall / William Hodge0.005.12102
Eric Cantrell / Jerry McMurtrie3.274.38$42.00101
Arthur Harris0.003.89100
Bill Sporney0.000.0099
Bob & Conner Furstenburg0.000.0099
Bobby Gill0.000.0099
Total Entrys$1,040.00
BONUS $$200.00
Total Paid At Ramp$990.00
Norman FALL 2019 Final Fund$250.00
2020 CATT Championship/Phantom Fund$20.00
2019 Norman Fall Final Fund Total$500.00
2020 CATT Champ/Phantom  Fund Total$4,870.00


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