More Rain, More Mud

The story the last few weeks has been muddy water. The best opportunity to catch bass is to find clear water or fish hard cover. Water temp is still around 70, with a cooling trend. Rain all week with highs in the lower 70s and lows around 60. Water won’t be clearing.

Hard cover bait choices include jigs, plastics and slow moving lures that create vibration. In any case, put baits on cover and make repeated casts. Docks are also a great place to target. Drop shot with larger baits and shorter leaders, the distance between the weigh and the bait…around 6 inches. Dead stick stickworms skipped under the bigger parts of the dock

Spinnerbaits, white skirts with gold blades should be slow rolled in contact with cover. Use ¼ ounce baits in shallow water and 3/8 when water is higher. Tie to 10 pound test Gamma Edge fluorocarbon line. Make targeted casts around pads, wood, and grass.

Look for matted grass. Frogs are a good way to find and catch bass. Use 60 pound test Gamma Torque braid on a medium heavy 7 foot casting rod and a fast reel. Set the hook as soon as the bass takes the bait. Using a white frog will help to focus on the frog. Also pay attention to the line close to the bait when fish strike. If it moves, set the hook…and for those who want to wait…not a good idea…set the hook when the bass tries to pull your rod into the water.

Punching mats might not be the best choice this week with cloud cover as bass won’t be seeking shade as much., So, use swim jigs and chatterbaits in these areas where water is a bit clearer.


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