Santee Cooper continues to churn out the big bass! The warm weather has the fish way ahead in their seasonal patterns and the fisherman are loving it! More great Low County bass fishing is on the way! Our next CATT Santee Cooper Qualifier is March 17th at Blacks Camp! 

Patrick Williams & Ray Spence with 5 bass weighing 36.48 lbs!

 Carolina Post Frame is sponsoring a $500 cash prize to the Santee Cooper Point Winners!

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Patrick Williams & Ray Spence weigh in 5 bass wt 36.48 lbs to take 1st Place at Santee Cooper! Great job guys!

Check out the weights as Santee Cooper is showing out!

1Patrick Williams – Ray Spence7.40/8.7536.48$2,370.00110
2Trip Poplin – Brian Flowers   BONUS $7.2329.53$1,685.00109
3Sean Skey – T Edmunds6.1226.32$625.00108
4Ted Urquhart – John Ford5.8524.07$525.00107
5Lex Costas – Xan Costas7.0224.03$375.00106
6TJ Anderson – Shai Haley7.2323.73$270.00105
7Jim Smoak – Jamie Galsscock6.2422.54$200.00104
8Chris & Wyatt Scott7.1221.78$170.00103
9Don Pendarvis – Bobby Gibbs6.7721.11$150.00102
10Jerry Montjoy – Brett Mitchell6.6920.90$130.00101
11Thad Driggers – Bunn Tyson5.7619.28100
12Sean & TJ Anderson5.9419.2199
13Zeke Lynam – Jason Morse0.0019.1198
14Brent Waynick – Emment McCauley0.0018.0397
15Justin Cromer – Taylor Brunson0.0017.6796
16Max Terry – Cody Brunson0.0017.2795
17Bryan & Austin Miller0.0017.2394
18David Benenhaley – Michael Cox0.0016.9393
19Johnny Player – John Gardenhire5.0016.9292
20Wesley Bilton – Kerry Bilton7.2216.8291
21Mark Hutson – Gary Elsey0.0016.5190
22Kevin Alford – Gary Pope4.2316.4889
23Will Timmons – Chase Marshall0.0016.4288
24Elvis & Brian Peagler0.0016.1987
25Bucky Deberry – Van Smith0.0016.1286
26Eric Bozeman – Max Shuman0.0015.8585
27Ryan Thompson0.0013.7984
28DJ Cox – Glenn Altman0.0013.5483
29Chad Parnell – Casey Warren0.0013.1282
30Carlton Thompkins – Joel Barfield0.0013.0881
31Freddie Gibbs – Clark Gibbs0.0013.0280
32Tim Reams – Joey Murphy0.0012.5879
33Larry Avins – Joe Avin0.0012.3578
34Robert Clarke4.3512.0077
35James McCutchen – Jamie Blackburn0.0011.7776
36Joey Timmerman – Steven Leaonard0.0010.4475
37John Johnson – Mark Cercopley0.0010.4074
38Mario & Reid Colangelo0.009.9373
39Jamie Partee – Donnoe McCord0.009.9072
40Grayson Cook – Mark Cook0.009.2571
41Mack Altman – Randall Miller0.000.0070
42Dillon Ellis – Allen Crawford0.000.0070
43Hunter Hoffmeyer – Thomas Hoffmeyer0.000.0070
44Horace Scott – Scott Jr0.000.0070
45Lee Morris – Robert Ross0.000.0070
46Ray Winans – Wendell Causey0.000.0070
47Bo Chappell0.000.0070
48Sany Oliver0.000.0070
49Nelson Walker – Mark Brice0.000.0070
50Jason Blankenship – Steve Smith0.000.0070
51Corey Allsbrook – Rick McLean0.000.0070
52Tracy Raines – Brent Bacman0.000.0070
53Daniel Howell0.000.0070
Total Entrys  $6,360.00
BONUS $  $760.00
Total Paid At Ramp  $6,500.00
Santee Cooper 2018 Spring Final Fund  $525.00
2018 CATT Championship Fund  $85.00
2018 Santee Cooper Spring Final Fund Total $1,535.00
2018 CATT Championship Fund Total  $2,725.00

T Edmunds & Sean Skey with a 26 lb bag!

TJ Anderson and Shai Haley


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