Tournament Results Lake Murray, SC Sept 8, 2019 Phillip Anderson & Russ Padgett Blow the Field Away! 18.98 lbs 5.76 lb BF!

Next Lake Murray CATT Fall Qualifier is Sept 28 at Billy Dreher Island!

We’ve lowered the entry fee for the Qualifiers to $60 so come on out!

Phillip Anderson & Russ Padgett smacked em on Lake Murray this past weekend! 5 bass weighing 18.98 lbs and weighed in the BF at 5.76 lbs!

We award a Lews Mach Speed Stick at the Murray Final!

12 TeamsBFWeightWinningsPoints
Phillip Anderson – Russ Padgett5.7618.98$605.00110
Roger Farr – David Farr4.1214.38$180.00109
Dave Murdock – Steve Pizzino4.0913.23108
Johnny Mayer – Scott Roton2.5711.17107
Doug Lown – Rhett Manus4.276.35106
Paul Ham – Will Alewine0.004.69105
Todd Ledford – Jeff Douglas3.273.27104
Huner Enlow – Zach Douglas0.000.00103
Zak Martin – Dylan edenfield0.000.00103
Casey Leach – Charlene Leach0.000.00103
Chris Sullivan0.000.00103
Matt Mollohan0.000.00103
Total Entrys$720.00
BONUS $$$175.00
Total Paid At Ramp$785.00
Murray 2019 Fall Final Fund$100.00
2020 CATT Championship/Phantom Fund$10.00
1919 Murray Fall Final Fund Total$100.00
2020  CATT Championship/Phantom Fund Total$295.00



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