Next Lake Wateree Summer Qualifier is July 11th at Clearwater Cove Marina!

Phillip Anderson & Russ Padgett brought in 5 bass at 16.64 lbs to take 1st Place worth $1,597.00! They also weighed in the Academy BF at 4.21 lbs and received an Academy Gift Card valued at $25!!

John Paul George & Jason Quinn finished 2nd with 15.76 lbs!

Kevin & Jacob Compton took 3rd with 14.76 lbs!

Cody Johnson & Vinson Blanton with some fat Lake  Wateree bass!

21 TeamsBFWeightWinningsPoints
Phillip Anderson – Russ Padgett 4.2116.64$1,597.00110
John Paul George – Jason Quinn4.0715.76$538.00109
Kevin Compton – Jacob Comptom3.5914.76$200.00108
Todd Butler – Mack Kitchens3.1313.61$140.00107
Mike King – Mike Traynum3.5113.60$147.00106
Vinson Blanton – Cody Johsnon3.1013.48105
Brett Collins3.4913.25104
Jeff Knight – Alex Griffin3.2713.16103
Chad Rabon – Walt Almond3.2912.87102
Ray Dowey – Chanon Dowey3.5812.69101
Jess Williams – Jim Smoak3.2412.66100
Gary Michaud – Dustin Compton3.1812.2299
Tim Haven – Craig Haven3.4210.2598
Allen Fletcher – Tanner Fletcher3.449.9097
Scott Floyd3.017.7596
Paul Wells0.000.0095
Gabe Hopkins – Tal Lucas0.000.0095
Randy Robson0.000.0095
Steve Phillips0.000.0095
Jay Adams – Tony C0.000.0095
Total Entrys$2,520.00
BONUS $$475.00
Total Paid At Ramp$2,475.00
Wateree 2020 Summer Final Fund$420.00
2020 CATT Championships$50.00
2020 Wateree Summer Final Fund Total$420.00
2020 CATT Championship Fund Total$3,775.00


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