So here we are, staring at the calendar, wondering when the next event will be. We are checking emails and media sites daily to see if they are postponing the next event, when the events will be rescheduled to, wondering, and hoping, if and when the season will return for 2020. This whole situation has been bad for a lot of people and I pray everyone is able to recover to some extent to the so called normal life we had.

But I am here to talk about how this whole situation has effected me personally as far as not having any more events right now and honestly it has been VERY tough. Looking forward to the next event is my everyday motivation. The fact is, I live for the competition side of tournament fishing for sooo many reasons that I could talk for hours about it. But just to name a few, I love being able to go to new bodies of water, to meet the locals around the area and get see the new scenery. Of course the biggest part is getting to figure out the new puzzle ahead. Unlocking the bites on a new body of water! Then getting to see everyone at the meetings and weigh ins as well! I’ve gained some amazing friendships from such!

Last year I wasn’t able to compete at the level I wanted to because after my 2018 season I was all but flat broke. I qualified for the Regional on Lake Norman but had to disqualify myself after practicing on a off day. Then I came home to fish the final Elite 70 Tournament, The Classic, and Day 2 was canceled which ended my 2018 and 2019 seasons.

After starting my own business and working my rear off, I had finally gotten back to the point where I could take another shot at fishing competitively and the excitement was back full force in me. But it was short lived unfortunately. My fishing partner and I started the season with a 1st and a 2nd place finish in the HawgSnatchers and Pamunkey Series and I finished 80th in the first Phoenix Bass Fishing League (BFL) in the Shenandoah Division on Smith Mountain Lake. Then the Corvid-19 virus shut down everything and just like that the season was over again and I’m left wondering what to do with myself.

I thrive from the competition and challenges the sport brings and without it I feel all but lost. So, in order to stay competitive and tournament ready, I continue to fish hard and keep my fishing skills honed and sharp, and my fishing boat rigged and ready, hoping and waiting that the season may be salvaged.

I am blessed that my sponsors are able to stay on board and at also being able to stay a float during all this. A huge thank you to Imperial Automotive, HawgSnatchers, The Rod Glove, Woo tungsten, Wild Wear America, The Lawn Don Landscaping, Propeller Dynamics, and Denali rod! I’ve been with these companies for years and love the family feel!
Well folks until next time..hope to see you on the water and tight lines.

Take care
Ben Jacobi Fishing


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