Power-Pole Down! 4 Things You Need to Know to Get Your Boat Ready for Summer

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TAMPA, Fla., June 11, 2019 – The temperature is growing a little warmer, and the days are getting a little longer — sure signs summer is on the horizon. As prime boating season nears, Power-Pole has you secured for your activities on the water. The application of Power-Pole’s adapter plate allows you to mount a Power-Pole Shallow Water Anchor to virtually any boat and motor configuration. From bass fishing in shallow water to rendezvousing with friends on a pontoon boat, your Power-Pole anchor is the next best accessory to your sunglasses when enjoying time on the water this summer.

Power-Pole anchors are prepared to mount on any vessel, take on any boating activity, and hold you stationary in any weather and water conditions. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. You can make the most of your time on the water this summer with the unmatched versatility of Power-Pole Shallow Water Anchors.

Power-Pole anchors have become a must-have accessory for fishermen who spend countless hours out on the water. The hydraulic motor of a Power-Pole anchor offers the quickest and quietist way to anchor your boat once you are in your preferred spot. Regardless of the weather or water conditions that day, the strength of the pole or poles will keep your boat in place for every single cast.

  1. You can take total control of your boat this summer with the Power-Pole Drift Paddle to slow things down.

One of most popular accessories for Power-Pole anchors — in both fresh water and salt water — is the Power-Pole Drift Paddle. Whether you’re trolling baits or need to control the speed of your drift on a windy day, the Drift Paddle gives you total boat control. It provides a huge advantage over traditional drift socks and allows you to deliver the perfect presentation to that tournament-winning fish of a lifetime.

  1. You can take your kayak and paddleboard fishing to the next level this summer with the Power-Pole Micro Spike Driver.

Fishing in small craft becomes increasingly popular around the summertime, when the water is at its peak temperature. Shallow water fishing in kayaks and on paddleboards allows you to sit nearly level with the water — and the fish —  putting you right on top of your target. The Micro has been a game changer, allowing you to quietly and quickly stop your kayak or paddleboard on a dime, whether you’ve spotted your next cast or just need to stop to enjoy the weather.

  1. There’s no party like a boat party!

Power-Pole Shallow Water Anchors are the best anchors for pontoon boats. Any pontoon captain knows the aggravating situation: You’re out with family or friends for some fun in the sun, you pull up to a sandbar or island, then you begin the process of fumbling around with the fore and aft anchors, trying to position the boat and adjust the two anchor lines to set yourself. Forget all of that. Instead, simply hit a button to deploy the Power-Pole shallow water anchor down, and stop the boat wherever you want to set up shop.

“There’s no need to fight the front and back anchor systems for 20 minutes,” said Dan Benson, national sales director at Power-Pole. “The easy deployment of the pole gives you peace of mind and puts you at ease to continue on with the good times. Power-Pole usage on pontoons is built around giving you the most time to have fun with no hassle.”

Whatever your summer watercraft setup is, don’t forget to install your Power-Pole anchor before setting off on your next adventure. Power-Pole Down this summer, and enjoy the good times!

For more information about mounting options for your Power-Pole shallow water anchor, please visit www.power-pole.com/adapterwizard/mounting-options/.

About JL Marine Systems, Inc.

JL Marine Systems, Inc. is the developer and manufacturer of the original Power-Pole® shallow water anchor – the industry’s leading shallow water anchoring system forsmall skiffs, bass boats, flats boats, bay boats and more.Since their introduction in 2000, Power-Pole anchors have been celebrated among professional anglers and everyday fishermen.

JL Marine Systems offers four Power-Pole anchor models in addition to spikes, anchor accessories, apparel and gear. With a relentless focus on customer service, JL Marine Systems is revolutionizing the industry with the development of technology solutions for total boat control –completely changing the fishing experience at the push of a button. Proudly made in the USA at theJL Marine Systems headquarters in Tampa, Fla., Power-Pole products are available via more than 3,500 dealers, retailers and boat manufacturers worldwide.

To learn more about Power-Pole products, visit www.power-pole.com or follow us on Facebook and on Instagram at @power.pole.


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