Pug & James Clements Win CATT Santee Cooper, SC Nov 2, 2019 with 22.82 lbs


Tournament Results Santee Cooper, SC Nov 2, 2019 The Clements are HOT! 22.82 lbs! 7.16 lb BF!

Next and last Fall Santee Cooper Qualifier is Nov 16 at John C Land!

Pug & James Clements fresh off their win at the CBC Classic are still on em! They brought in 5 bass at 22.82 lbs with a BF at 7.16 lb good enough for the win!

2nd went to Joshua Brogdon & Davy Goodman with a limit weighing 18.10 lbs!

Thad Driggers weighed in a 7.79 lb Santee whooper tyo take the BF and an Academy Gift Card!

More nice uns from Santee Cooper , SC!

12 TeamsBFWeightWinningsPoints
Pug Clements – James Clements7.1622.82$886.00110
Joshua Brogdon – Davy Goodman0.0018.10$300.00109
Don Pendarvis – Bryan Miller6.1617.38108
Nelson Walker – Chris Brunson0.0016.27107
Thad Driggers7.7914.98$84.00106
Lonnie Jones4.977.33105
Elvis Peagler – Tony Driggers0.006.67104
Mario Colangelo – Reid Colangelo0.005.70103
William Thigpen – Buckey DeBerry0.000.00102
Steve Borton – Tristen Rodgers0.000.00102
Justin Wood – Dave Murdock0.000.00102
Bo Divey – Herman Vining0.000.00102
Total Entrys$1,440.00
BONUS $$250.00
Total Paid At Ramp$1,270.00
Santee Cooper 2019 FALL Final Fund$315.00
2020 CATT Championship/Phantom Fund$75.00
2019 Santee Cooper FALL Final Fund Total$260.00
2020 CATT Championship/Phantom Total$1,425.00


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