Randall & Ryan Drew brought Win CATT Cooper River Mar 9, 2019 with 20.17 lbs


Tournament Results Cooper River Mar 9, 2019 Randall & Ryan Drew Cash In With 20.17 lbs!

Next Cooper River CATT is March 23rd out of Cypress Gardens!

Randall & Ryan Drew brought in 20.17 lb s with a 7.23 lb kicker to take 1st Place and $1,015.00!

Kyle Welch & Wayne Clifton finished 2nd with 14.20 lbs!

Hunter Hackworth took 3rd with 13.30 lks!

23 TeamsFishWeightWinningsPoints
Randall Drew – Ryan Drew7.2320.17$1,015.00110
Kyle Welch – Wayne Clifton0.0014.20$230.00109
Hunter Hackworth0.0013.30$120.00108
Bill Lawshe – Jeremy Hewitt0.0012.40$75.00107
Bubba Dennis – Randy Gibson0.009.89106
John Campbell – Grace Campbell0.009.84105
Buckey Black – Carl Harrington0.009.55104
Matt Baker Andrew – BakerAndrew0.009.03103
Bryan Miller – Donald Boyne0.008.75102
Gene Youngs0.008.54101
Dave McConnell – Dylan Mcconnell0.007.48100
James Roy Jr Robison – William Gregory0.006.9699
Justin Lord – Billy Johnson0.006.7798
Griffin Crane0.006.0197
Bruce Wheeler – Heath Hunter0.005.9596
Johnny Brinson – James White0.005.8695
Travis Gatlin – Grant Powell0.005.4294
Casey Leach – Charlene Leach0.005.2293
Gabriel Hornet Pearson – Joseph Scott0.001.4892
Chase Marshall – Brett Thacker0.000.0091
Tim Tyson0.000.0091
Christopher Thomas0.000.0091
Andy Rutledge0.000.0091
Total Entrys$1,150.00
BONUS $$425.00
Total Paid At Ramp$1,440.00
Cooper River 2019 Spring Final Fund$95.00
2019 CATT Championship Fund$10.00
Cooper River 2019 Spring Final Fund Total$205.00
2019 CATT Championship Fund$3,500.00


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