Wateree Open Results Aug 11, 2018

** A team must fish 6 tournaments to qualify for the Wateree Open Final. A team that fishes 10 tournaments will receive FREE entry fee into the Opens Final! The team that finishes first in points in 2018 will fish the entire 2019 Wateree Open Schedule for FREE! There will be cash prizes for 2nd thru 6th in the point standings as well.

Next Wateree Open is Sept 15th!

Randy Weddington & Ronnie Smith took the win this past Saturday at Clearwater Cove with 5 bass weighing up at 17.17 lbs!

Stevie Walker & Barry Brown finished 2nd with a limit weighing 16.19 lbs and they weighed in the 2nd BF at 4.37 lbs!

Craig & Tim Haven were 3rd with 16.14 lbs!

Donald Hinson & Jacob Norris brought in the 1st BF at 4.62 lbs! They will receive a $25 Gift Certificate from Southern Plastics! Visit them on Facebook!


18 TeamsBigTotalTotal
Randy Weddington – Ronnie Smith   BONUS $4.1417.17$880.00110
Stevie Walker – Barry Brown   2nd BF4.3716.19$331.00109
Craig Haven – Tim Haven3.8416.14$130.00108
Donald Hinson – Jacob Norris  1st BF4.6215.99$119.00107
Walt Almond – Chad Rabon3.6215.86106
Chad Gainey – Jeffrey Furr3.0713.83105
Steve Phillips – Jason Bateman3.6111.27104
David F Canupp – David L Canupp2.5910.35103
Brad Petway – Brett Collins **3.348.76102
Mike Byrd – Clint Byrd2.258.73101
Jerry Freezon – Kareem White2.257.50100
Todd Ledford – Matt Humphries1.961.9699
Lewis Thompson – Mark Holman0.000.0098
Shane Cantley – Michael Richardson0.000.0098
Jason McCoy – Buddy Hartis0.000.0098
Ed Mathews0.000.0098
Greg Corvin – Scott Floyd0.000.0098
Chris Crawford0.000.0098
2018 Wateree Open Final Fund$410.00
2018 Wateree Open Final Fund Total$3,020.00
2018 Wateree Open Point Fund $1,250.00
**2017 Point Winners Free Entry
2018 Point Winners Fish 2019 Opens FREE!
Teams 2-6 In Points Receive $$


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