2021 marked our biggest year yet on the James River! After the James River Fall Final was a wrap the total amount of $$ CATT paid back was $117,490.00! Thanks for the support guys and we hope to top that amount in 2022!

The 2022 James River CATT Schedule is posted! Go to Divisions on the CATT website to view!

Ray Hogg & Donnie Daniel have certainly took home a boat load of money fish the CATT Trail and they added to their total by weighing in 5 bass at 21.84 lbs to win the Fall Final! Add in the 1st BF at 6.39 lbs and they took home $2,315.00!

Donnie with some help holding up their 1st Place catch!

2021 Fall Point Winners! Alex Richard & Jared Williams!

2021 James River Fall FinalTotalTotal
19 TeamsBFWeightWinnings
Ray Hogge, Donnie Daniel6.3921.84$2,315.00
Brian Brooks, Avery Powelson3.9214.75$1,250.00
Frank Poirier, Warren Poirier5.9513.86$600.00
Chaz Carrington0.0013.43$120.00
Clyde Baldwin, Chuck Schultz4.8611.15
Tyler Weimer, Smiley0.0010.29
Roger & Renee Walters0.0010.05
Doug Wharton, Connor Wharton0.009.82
Jake & Jesse Kidd3.989.73
Garret Geouge, Dustin Webb0.009.42
Kelly Robinette, Kelly Pratt0.009.11
Tripp Mistr, Richard Mistr0.009.04
Jared Williams, Alex Richard0.008.88
Mike Gunn, Frankie Pridemore0.008.45
Bobby Harris, Connor Harrison0.008.37
Dave Carney, John Dunn0.007.29
Les Forrest, Steve Webb0.004.20
Jeremy May, Parrish Malone0.003.84
Mike Barlow, Brandon Ridout0.000.00
Total Entrys$3,040.00
Final Fund$1,000.00
2021 James River Final Total Payback$4,285.00
2021 James River FALL Total Payback$8,870.00
2021 GRAND TOTAL James River Payback$117,490.00


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