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The next and last 2018 James River Qualifier will be Sept 15 launching out of Osbourne! This is a Double Point event! 

To be eligible to enter the James River Final a Team Must fish 4 of 7 Qualifiers! We have 52 teams that have entered at least 4 after Saturdays Qualifier…23 teams have entered 3 so with 1 more Qualifier to go we could have a total of  75 teams eligible to enter the James River Final. If we have 75 Teams enter the James River Final the payout will top $16,000.00! Thanks for a great 1st year on the James!

Fishing solo once & with sub once counts toward teams Qualification. You may fish solo and you can Qualify solo for the James River Final!

Ray Hogge & Donnie Daniel weighed in a fat sack of James River bass tipping the scales at $23.41 lbs! Ad in the 2nd BF at 6.33 lbs and they took home $2,104.00! This was won #2 on the James River for Ray and Donnie!

Brian Green & Jeff Parrish took 2nd with 18.77 lbs and walked away with $1,320.00!

Leidy Clark & Donna Clark finished 3rd with 18.44 lbs and weighed in the BF at 7.41 lbs! They collected $1,281.00!

58 TeamsFishWeightWinningsPoints
Ray Hogge and Donnie Daniel  2nd BF6.3323.41$2,104.00220
Brian Green and Jeff Parrish   1st BONUS5.4118.77$1,320.00219
Leidy Clark and Donna Clark   1st BF & 2nd BONUS7.4118.44$1,281.00218
Kelly Pratt and Josh Wright0.0016.40$555.00217
Guy Fairweather and Jared Williams0.0015.94$410.00216
Bobby Harris and Robby Harris5.4815.79$310.00215
Dave Allen and Clayton Mullins0.0015.41$240.00214
Don Bowman and Mike Wright0.0015.35$195.00213
Richard Bates and Chad Hold0.0015.20$180.00212
Tri Nguyen and Tevinn Rollins6.1815.17$150.00211
Harrison Baker and Chase Huffman0.0015.12$130.00210
Joe Krevonick and Johnny Bell0.0014.90209
Marshall Johnson and Ryan Lochinet5.6514.48208
Jerry Britt and Howard Austin0.0014.28207
Chris Fiore and Mikey Oley0.0013.98206
Robert Hindes and David Cole0.0013.39205
Eric Rowe and Mike Rowe0.0013.01204
Jason Bishop and Craig Shelton0.0012.90203
Don Gregg and Kirk Hi1derbrand0.0012.73202
Burley Langford and Brian Langford0.0012.71201
Nelson Marshall and Ron Studer0.0012.23200
Rob Uzzle and Hunter Atkins0.0011.97199
Jeff Koch and Tommy Powroznik0.0011.93198
Trey Goodman and Tim Chaffin0.0011.91197
Mickey Anderson0.0011.66196
Tommy Little and Robert Bruguiere0.0011.75195
Mike Martinez and William Allen0.0011.47194
Edward Jordan Sr and Edward Jordan Jr0.0011.35193
Torrey Aiken3.7211.08192
David Heavenridge0.0010.96191
Brandon Hill and Kevin King0.0010.93190
Mike Hinkley and Bernie Drimal3.5710.80189
Francis Martin and Ray Griffin0.0010.72188
Harvey Reece and Anthony Withers3.4610.56187
Andy Semonco and Wayne Adams0.0010.55186
Brian Snipes and Chris Cockrell0.0010.28185
Matt Funk and Cody Griffey0.009.95184
Matthew Kite and Mike Custer0.009.89183
John Doyle and Wayne Taylor0.009.69182
David Carney and Andy Bollhorst0.009.64181
David Fox and Roger Walters0.009.17180
Richard Powell anfd Bubba Johnson0.008.61179
Ryan Drewery and Wayne Drewery0.008.52178
Jim Harrison and Cole Jarrett0.008.42177
Avery Neely0.008.35176
Matt Pulley and Brett Stewart0.008.17175
Michael Green0.008.14174
Randy Ruffin0.008.10173
Mike Caul and Alexis Caul0.007.43172
Jonathan Dickerson and Aaron Keener0.006.34171
Carl Johnson and Bobby Harlow0.000.00170
Stacy Sasser and Edward Hancock0.000.00170
Linwood Shores0.000.00170
William Clements and Chris Simons0.000.00170
Steve Roberts and Jeffrey Banko0.000.00170
Trey Dotson0.000.00170
Casey Logan and Keaton Dalton0.000.00170
Billy Orr and John Parson0.000.00170
Total Entrys$6,960.00
BONUS $$540.00
Total Paid At Ramp$6,875.00
James River 2018 Final Fund$625.00
2019 CATT Championship Fund$0.00
2018 James River Final Fund Total$3,210.00
2019 CATT Championship Fund Total$965.00


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