Ray Hogge & Donnie Daniel win CATT James River May 11,2019 with 26.75 lbs


Next James River CATT is June 8th at Riverfront Park! 

Another great day on the James River! We had 78 teams enter! Check out the $$ these guys took home! Total up to $9,535.00!

Ray Hogge & Donnie Daniel brought 26.75 lbs to the scales this past Saturday which was more than enough to take 1st Place Add in the 2nd BF at 7.66 lbs and they collected $2,559.00!

2nd Place went to Charles Ramer & Paul Brock with 21.95 lbs worth $1,125.00!

Bud Mason & Charles Crowder took 3rd with 20.06 lbs and weighed in a massive 9.28 lb BF! They earned $1,356.00!

Ben Jacobi & Jonathan Ceaser with their 5 bass  limit!

James & Matt Funk with a good bag!

78 TeamsFishWeightWinningsPoints
Ray Hogge and Donnie Daniel7.6626.75$2,559.00220
charles ramer and paul brock0.0021.92$1,125.00219
bud mason and charles crowder9.2820.06$1,356.00218
Jonathan Ceaser and Ben Jacobi0.0019.53$660.00217
mickey anderson and bo boltz0.0018.64$990.00216
jimmy condrey and james condrey6.3918.59$430.00215
Audie Murphy and Monte Aleman0.0018.31$660.00214
Trey Goodman and Tim Chaffin0.0017.21$300.00213
matt funk and james funk0.0016.90$275.00212
Marcello Passal and Landon Tucker0.0016.35$250.00211
robert whithurst and parker hinks5.7415.97$210.00210
brandon hill and kevin king0.0015.94$300.00209
Jeff Valentine and Daryl Moody0.0015.86$150.00208
Timmy Lucy and Anthony ross0.0015.60$140.00207
doug wharton and mike yeatts0.0015.56$130.00206
donnie bell and Hayden Bell0.0015.54205
kelly pratt and josh wright0.0015.53204
matthew kite0.0014.93203
Harvey Reece and Anthony Weithers0.0014.90202
Mike Hinkley and Matt Pulley6.0214.86201
brian thomas and matt caffy0.0014.81200
Guy Fairweather and Jared Williams0.0014.76199
Zachery Whitt0.0014.68198
aaron sadler and gavin stone0.0014.68197
jerry britt and howard austin0.0014.56196
Chris Atwell and Gary Atwell0.0014.44195
wesley farmer and noah adkins0.0014.42194
greg ball and jamie nealy0.0014.39193
kelly robinette and dave collins0.0014.32192
charles james and jay tate0.0014.11191
Brian Snipes and Chris Cockrell6.1014.04190
Marshell Johnson and Ryan Lachinet0.0014.00189
Jason Brooks and Carl Sadler0.0013.72188
scott rodgers and micah mitten0.0013.67187
Lenny Baird and David Williams0.0013.61186
Ryan Drewery and Wayne Drewery0.0013.39185
marcuss handler and john mansini0.0013.35184
Andy Semonico and Wayne Andrews0.0013.34183
Jeffrey Banko0.0013.34182
Rob Uzzle0.0013.15181
Luke Carson and Darrin Zolar0.0013.13180
Chris Burnett and Chris Powell0.0013.12179
Thomas Childress and Hunter Crowder0.0013.04178
Matthew Chisolm and Todd Fisher0.0012.80177
Greg Fernandez and Bart Gore0.0012.79176
Leidy Clark and Ricky West0.0012.78175
Garrett Towler0.0012.54174
James Griffin and Charles Kline0.0012.34173
Dee Kidd and Will Vickery0.0012.28172
Ron Studer and Nelson Marshall0.0012.19171
Danny Ashton0.0011.73170
mike martiniz and william allen0.0011.45169
Dave Carney and Andy Bollhorst0.0011.28168
joseph carr0.0010.90167
John Barnes0.0010.61166
Burley Langford and Brian Langford3.5410.58165
Lance Taylor and Steve Webb0.0010.34164
Richard Bates and Chad Holms0.0010.31163
jason bishop0.0010.27162
William Clements and Paul Martin0.0010.08161
Michael Green0.009.67160
francis martin and ray griffin0.009.30159
Bryan Keane0.008.82158
willie hicks0.008.35157
Stacy Vasser0.008.13156
Roger Walters and David Fox0.007.41155
Craig Ferguson0.007.27154
Donnie Bowman and Mike Wright0.000.00153
Craig Fagan and Torry Aiken0.000.00153
Ben Knapp and Rodney Manson0.000.00153
Casey Logan and Keaton Dalton0.000.00153
Wayne Taylor and John Doyle0.000.00153
Mike Shears and Wayne Eastwood0.000.00153
cory mason and david curek0.000.00153
jason dodson and travis west0.000.00153
david owen0.000.00153
jason bishop and jeff hamliton0.000.00153
dave allen and clayton mullins0.000.00153
Total Entrys$9,360.00
BONUS $$900.00
Total Paid At Ramp$9,535.00
James River 2019 Final Fund$600.00
2019 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2019 James River Final Fund Total$1,800.00
2019 CATT Championship Fund Total$5,465.00


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