Next up on the Waccamaw River is the 1st Fall Qualifier August 29th!

We had a great Summer on the Waccamaw River Trail even with the virus interruption! Thanks for fishing guys! Reid McDowell & Danny Allen put a smakin on the bass and walked away with $2,675.00! They weighed in 5 bass at 18.48 lbs and the Lews/Strike King BF at 5.98 lbs! Great job guys!

Danny & Reid with their plaques and Lews Baitcast Reel!

2nd Place went to Mike & Kaleb Gerald with a limit weighing 15.87 lbs worth $1,050.00!

3rd with 12.09 lbs Andrew Vereen & Jordan Weaver!

John Proctor with some good ones!

Chris Jones with a kicker!

Point Winners! Avery Williams & Wilson Springs!

27 TeamsBFWeightWinnings
Reid McDowell & Danny Allen5.9818.48$2,675.00
Mike & Kaleb Gerald3.6315.87$1,050.00
Andrew Vereen & Jordan Weaver4.6112.09$440.00
Tom Tanner & Mike Granburg4.9911.96$385.00
John Proctor4.6611.86$200.00
Chris Jones & Ed Owens4.1511.27
Johnny Johnson & Wesley Howell3.7411.15
Lee Turberville & Jamie Forebush4.9110.85
Casey Warren2.5810.26
Shawn & Logan Benton2.3910.23
Charles & Stacey Proctor2.599.20
Don McLaud & Ray Inman2.288.90
Richard & Gavin Porter1.928.69
Charles Fryer & Danny Rabon0.008.12
Kevin Heniford & Jesse Long0.008.04
Avery Williams & Wilson Springs2.167.00
Chad Williams0.006.14
Jamie Etheridge & Scott McClellan0.003.38
Stephen Smith & Brad Suggs0.000.00
Ryan Thompson & Robby Boyd0.000.00
Timmy Squirers0.000.00
Kevin Alford & Gary Pope0.000.00
Mark Johnson0.000.00
Robby Byrum0.000.00
Chris Alston0.000.00
Darren Cook & Peter Horne0.000.00
Carlton Thompkins & Joel Barfield0.000.00


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