Next Waccamaw River Open is Jan 25 at Bucksport!

The 1st tournament of the year saw a good crowd gather at Bucksport Saturday morning with 17 teams entering! Warm rain was in the area and that’s a lot better than cold rain for sure! Come join us January 25 for round 2!

Ricky Bellamy & Chris Jones secured 1st Place with 5 bass weighing 14.89 lbs and anchored by the BF at 4.12 lbs! They took home $1,45.00!

2nd went to RD Prince & Anthony Lee with 13.05 lbs worth $500.00!

Casey  Warren with a nice un!

17 TeamsBFWeightWinnings
Chris Jones & Rickey Bellamy4.1214.89$1,450.00
Anthony Lee & R D Prince3.7213.05$500.00
Nick Gant & Casey Warren3.4810.66
Cody Squires & Dillon Thompkins2.9010.24
5. Mitch Avant   10.160.0010.16
John Egan & Chandler Roy2.4010.03
Mark Johnson & Gary Pope2.009.93
Charles Fryer & David Crabill0.008.96
Ray Inman & Jennifer Floyd2.028.86
Casey & Charlene Leach0.008.84
Shawn Todd & Clay Lewis2.767.35
Corey Singleton & Jesse Hopkins0.007.03
Kevin Bazen0.000.00
Don McLaud & Shawn Tackett0.000.00
Timmy & River Squirers0.000.00
Robby Byrum & Eric Cox0.000.00
Michael & Johnny Duarte0.000.00


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