Thanks to everyone who came out to support this great cause! The event was a huge success! Thanks to the Fishing Legends Live Crew helping out when someone is need! Check out their Podcast on Facebook Fishing Legends Live! Thanks to Anthony Williams with CATT who ran the weigh in!

Roger Hoover & Chuck Poovey took 1st place with 5 bas weighing 16.84 lbs and they weighed in the BF at 5.95 lbs! All total Roger & Chuck took home $5,000.00! Great job guys!

A total of 84 teams competed for a total purse of $11,750.00!

Roger Hoover / Chuck Poovey50.000.005.9216.8416.84$5,000.00
Trace Bigelow / Mark Silverthorne50.000.004.3114.2114.21$2,000.00
Rob & Aaron Digh50.000.003.0213.8213.82$1,000.00
George Lauster / Austin Wike50.000.003.5713.6413.64$750.00
Chuck Doughit50.000.003.6313.2913.29$650.00
Mike Seawright / Steve Addington51.000.252.6113.2112.96$550.00
Maurice Freeze / Chad Poteat50.000.003.7012.8612.86$450.00
Daniel Cook / Matt McBee “TATER HOG”$350.00
David Hedrick / Sidney Reynolds50.000.003.4312.5112.51Prize Pack
Kaden Buchmann / Chase Wodzinski Mooresville HS50.000.002.8712.2512.25$1,000.00
Stacy Gains / Billy Rochester51.000.253.4512.4412.19
Jeff & KJ Queen50.000.003.3512.0912.09
Lance Eckford / Kevin Thomas50.000.003.1711.9911.99
Steve Austin / Roger Wood50.000.004.4011.9211.92
Roger Pope / Michael Smith50.000.003.6811.8511.85
Chad Midkiff50.000.002.7711.8511.85
Dale Surrett / Brian Morgan51.000.252.7612.0611.81
Jessie Smith / Patrick Houpe50.000.003.6911.2611.26
Chris Carnes / Mike Stevens50.000.002.6811.1711.17
Mitch Burgin50.000.002.7111.1611.16
Hank Cherry / Norn Lowe50.000.003.1011.0011.00
Adam Parker / Tyler Black50.000.000.0010.9310.93
David Winters / Shane Lineberger50.000.003.8410.9210.92
Stephen & Cole Hicks A/C50.000.002.9810.7710.77$100.00
Jonathan & Jon Luc Foster A/C50.000.002.4510.3810.38
Todd Farris / Michael Barber51.000.253.6810.6110.36
Jason Wilson / Kelly Logan50.000.002.5110.1910.19
David Lynch / JJ Morse50.000.002.7410.0510.05
Edward Louthen / Mark Gallinger50.000.002.849.789.78
Jonathan Carter / Matt Campbell50.
Michael & Matt Peerlock40.
Joe Mitchell / Ben Robertson40.000.003.758.898.89
Stephen Sutton / Chad Bagwell50.000.002.458.898.89
Alvin Shaw / Brent White50.
Josuua & Maggie Queen A/C40.000.002.808.008.00
Jody Jones / Randy Childress40.
Chris Dover / Chad Lail52.000.500.008.377.87
Joey Sabbagha / Dalton Dowdy50.
Cody Furr / Dave Robowski40.
Lucas Clark / Mark Chapman50.
Hunter Alexander / Harrison McCall  Rowan HS40.$600.00
Steven Stone / Trey Holt30.
Beau Winn / Cal Austin York Co. HS41.$400.00
Eric & Gavin Rumley A/C30.
Kayson McDaniel / Jonathon Watson30.
Mike & Lori Lankford10.000.004.864.864.86
Hayden Hammond / Drake Sturgill York Co. HS30.
Tim Jolly / Shane Hartman10.000.003.913.913.91
Jay & Jaythan Carr A/C10.000.003.753.753.75
Dick & Gary  Reeger20.
Michael & Will Sprouse A/C10.000.002.972.972.97
Joshua Howell / Michael Moore10.
Vince & Mark Parker00.
David & Andrew Burris00.
Jason Land / Bryson Garland00.
Conrad Pogorzelski / Russell Griggs00.
Joel Cerv / Tim Harrington00.
Austin Garland00.
Scott & Dwight P-NUT Beattie00.
Alex Rhoney / Garrett Buchannon00.
Kirk & Zack McCraw00.
Christian Johnson00.
Rob & Noah Nicholson00.
Johnny Thronburg / Rick Carson00.
Joel Wilkins / Roger Childress00.
Jeffery & Jacob Reese00.
Bernie Davis / Conrad Manual00.
Russell Hoyle00.
Chad Salyer / Nate Bell York Co. HS10.000.001.310.001.31
David & Kenny Beard00.
Derrick Greer / Caleb Dover00.
Will Mitchell / Shane Sharpe00.
Anthony Johnson00.
Brent Davis / Eric Hess00.
Jacob Smith00.
Caleb Propst / Scott McGinnis00.
Steven Brody Cox / Jacob Adams00.
Bibb Wylie / Tony Talford00.
Doug Hudgens / Scott Roberson00.
Larry Fleeman00.
Alan & Tanner Fletcher00.
Jake Monti / Logan Anderson00.
Matt Stout00.
Jeff Johnson / Jerry Goble00.
5 High School Teams $1,000 $600 $400
6 Adult Child Teams  $100.00


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