The 2022 Fall Waccamaw River Trail starts Sept 17 at Yauhannah Landing! Full Fall schedule is posted on the Waccamaw River Division page!

Ron Cannon won the 2022 Summer Waccamaw River Final with 5 bass weighing 16.28 lbs!  Ron also received a $100 Lews/Strike King Gift Card!

Jeremy Hewitt & Bennett Lawshe took 2nd with 14.47 lbs and earned $1,010.00!

Jeremy & Bennett with their Academy Gift Card they received by weighing in the 2nd BF

Timmy Squires 3rd with 12.32 lbs!

Ed Owens & Chris Jones 5th with 12.20 lbs!

Hunter Dickerson & Garrett Taylor 5th with 12.20 lbs!

Dylan McConnell & Trey Cribb Summer Point Winners!

Ron Cannon6.2716.28$2,550.00
Jeremy Hewitt & Bennett Lawshe4.5114.47$1,010.00
Timmy Squirers4.4512.32$750.00
Ed Owens & Chris Jones4.0812.33$650.00
Hunter Dickerson & Garrett Taylor4.3812.20$450.00
Mark Johnson & Gary Pope2.8011.70$285.00
Greg & Logan Benton4.1110.71
Timmy & Wesley Williamson3.3510.63
Marion Humphries & like Robinson2.3010.01
Charles Fryer & Charlie Johnson2.379.47
Lee Floyd & OJoe Gabella0.009.07
Danny McLean0.009.02
Ron & Sonja Terwilliger0.009.02
Tommy & Thomas Collins2.748.81
Trey Cribb & Dylan McConnell0.008.81
Rickey Bellamy & Josh Jones0.008.70
Stacey Proctor & Kelly Covington0.008.68
Jesse & Keith Harold3.488.56
Avery Williams0.008.07
Jesse long & Kevin Heniford0.006.18
Alex Cribb0.000.00
Dalton Warren0.000.00
George Gore & Marshall Sasser0.000.00
Andy & Branson Howell0.000.00
Britt Brown & Danny Martin0.000.00
Ryan thompson & John Ferralasco0.000.00
Will McGurt & Travis Spivey0.000.00
Steve & Jacob Martin0.000.00
 Robbie Byrum & Eric Cox0.000.00
Jason Smith & Shane Thomas0.000.00
Mark curry0.000.00
Total Entrys$3,600.00
Final Fund$1,425.00
2022 Waccamaw River Final Total Payback$5,695.00
2022 Waccamaw River Payback as of 8/6$46,300.00